Gravity , concave earth, Tesla

To understand gravity and the earth’s poles…you need to research magnetism and what gravity actually is. While the graviton does not exist, the effect that we call gravity still exist. There is something that causes density and buoyancy to occur. Tesla taught us that gravity (incoherent dielectric acceleration) does not pull us to earth but universal compression presses us down to the earth and that this universal compression comes from a central zero point. The central zero point is the same place that all gyros and plumbobs point to…the center of the black sun. The black sun is actually one giant magnet and as with any magnet, you have a north pole and a south pole. To learn about magnetism, I highly recommend the work of Kenneth Wheeler. Every zero point has two discharge poles (technically it’s ONE pole with two ends) so the top of the black sun where you see polaris is the south magnetic pole and the bottom (a few degrees off sigma octantis) , which is located at the south GEOGRAPHIC pole is the MAGNETIC north pole.
Flat earthers mistakenly think they live on the flat plain of inertia but this is incorrect and we can KNOW this by studying the magnet and realizing that this plain of inertia, also called the Blok Wall, is actually counter spatial…which is the opposite of space/area. Basically this means matter cant exist there except in a state of destruction as it returns to the central zero point. Without the science of magnetism and aether, this concept might be difficult to grasp. This is why Einstein with his false theory of gravity based physics was created…to distract us from the real truth about how the earth works.

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