Med Ed and future happenings

A s c e n s i o n 1 0 1 : The Galactics (Series).
The ELOHIM’s Timelines (Peace Series).


Greetings dear Earth Star Angels:

I am Kai-Meara and on this broadcast we want to talk to you about one of the first technologies that will be available to the world’s population, with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA.

In addition to the new free power systems that will be provided by Tesla coils, and new anti-gravity devices and replicators, will also receive holographic medical beds or healing spheres.

These new holographic medical beds will be equipped with unique features, and include the aid of diagnosis, surgical repair, reconstruction and rejuvenation of cells and DNA.

In short, they will become an integral part of your medical care and health care maintenance, change everything as they know it, within your healthcare industry.

These medical beds, when used together with specialized medical supervision of automated sanitary stations, will offer you a variety of options and methods, which will restore optimal health to your physical packaging.

These beds represent the leap that will advance medical care in their beautiful world, and at this time there are enough of these healing spheres to begin to be deployed in any country that desires them.

Imagine, a health care package without chemotherapy, toxic chemicals, organ ablation or the possibility of not having to live long-term with scars, diseases and dysfunction.

Maybe as you read and listen, you think this is all too good to be true, maybe you feel it like a sci-fi movie, however we understand its reservations.

We ask you to remember that ‘hiding in plain sight’ is one of the favorite tactics of the shadow government programs that includes its secret space agencies.

For a long time, the deep state has been showing you to technology beyond your craziest dreams, in many of its sci-fi movies.

When it comes to the darkness, just because you think you’re seeing something fantastic doesn’t mean you’re not looking at it in your reality.

However, as far as they know, they’ve shown you the Truth, but you didn’t ask the right questions, nor demanded the right answer.

This is a bad trick played on them, and it’s one of the dynamics that’s about to change exponentially with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA as these new technologies that will be released into the world are part of this exciting program that will improve your life.

As you may have guessed, these technologies weren’t created on Earth, they’ve been handed over to their secret space agencies for the benefit of humanity.

But because of an unfortunate decision by those who are responsible for making ethical decisions in their world, they chose to keep this technology to themselves.

However, we are pleased to confirm that this error has now been rectified, and that at this time, behind the scenes, the right people are working to ensure the deployment of these technologies to the general public.

We will now move on to the details of these medical beds of quantum therapy, which come in three different varieties and with three different functions, which are currently available for implementation.


This is a holographic hospital bed, diagnosis and treatment.

They can conduct live body exploration for diagnosis purposes and treat any disease much more accurately, in much less time and with much less invasion in the human body.

These medical beds allow you to scan all parts of your body for diagnosis and interpretation, including skin, muscles, bones, organs, glands, neurological and hormonal efficiency.

Any necessary surgery will be performed immediately including appendix, heart, caesareans etc

They can also perform blood and DNA tests, they can provide quick and painless analysis of the entire physical system, they are able to correct any hereditary marker of certain diseases, since they are equipped with characteristics such as:

Operative shield, sealed for germ reduction and claustrophobia.

Comfortable limb hugs.

Liquid anesthesia in spray.

Scalpels and laser mirrors.

Vital sign display and detection.

Identification and analysis.

Computer-controlled surgical arms.

These healing spheres are constructed of highly advanced artificial intelligence, but strictly limited, that requires a human connection to work, as a precautionary measure to ensure cooperative coexistence.

The computer used for operation is very similar to an MRI machine.

However, instead of magnetism and radiation, these medical beds use Plasma Energy, they will work with you at a subatomic and vibratory level.

This is a very homeopathic approach to healing, because this is a vibratory universe and you are a vibratory being, it will offer you multiple benefits with few or no side effects or shock, except one of awe and pleasure.

It means that long waits, endless tests, or drug trials that don’t work will end.

Say goodbye to chemotherapy and people who die from stroke or heart disease.


He will work with his DNA and stem cells for regeneration of old tissues or missing organs.

They will be particularly useful for anyone who needs an organ transplant or replacement, a missing or cut limb, or skin grafts for third degree burns.

They will use technology similar to the first beds we mentioned, focus on working directly with their DNA models.

They will use the harmonic MRI field that is always present in the cellular memory of their bodies.

As many of you know, your body has cellular memory, as demonstrated by an amputation, in the face of the ‘ghost member’ syndrome.

With their endless apps, these beds will change the lives of many people, and this we mentioned, it’s just the beginning of the entire change in their healthcare system that’s about to change.

Your health care system will become a supportive, health care and rejuvenation structure.

Darlings, are you excited?


These beds will help them rejuvenate their cells.

They will be providing age regression therapy.

They will also help them remove unwanted memories.
This medical bed is destined for regression of age and memory.

It will help people suffering from post traumatic disorder syndrome, free their minds from the assembly of horrific images, and their hearts from the depths of despair.

This bed will also help you regain a more youthful appearance, it will improve and reaffirm all your senses, your skin, muscle tone, area of sight, ear and taste.

These procedures can be performed without pain, with the greatest adjustments coming from your minds, bodies and heart, as they will work with their own DNA models and the multiple refractory lenses of the natural inner watch of their bodies.


All three beds work and use vibrations and frequencies at a quantum level, accurate and very similar to scanners, refractive lenses and 3 D surgical lasers.

They also have a variety of diagnosis and monitoring technologies that keep a professional fully informed, during diagnosis and repair sessions.

These machines use particle energy from tachyon and plasma, as they work with the human body for maximum repair with minimal invasion.

The three medical beds work with similar technologies, and have just been adapted for three different uses and treatments.

Once again, these beds use Plasma Energy, not radioactive material, focus on recalibration and regeneration, whenever possible, allow users to regain optimal health in no time.

Just think about what this kind of technology will mean to you, your family, your friends, all the children who just got rescued from tunnels, and for every person who is unnecessarily suffering from repairable medical problems.

Dear, then get ready, because all 205 countries that have signed the GESARA deal, are about to take this magnificent quantum leap together that will benefit you with this opportunity.

If this information excites you, please share it with other like minded people, because the more they focus on this good news, the sooner we can bring it to its reality.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this message, in Love and Light.

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