Dare to Truth

Preparing for our future in 2020When they cover our mouths, our voices are loudest. When they tell us fictional bedtime fairy tales, they do not realize that we have been awake for a long time and that we will not close our eyes again.This year the whole planet is rising to its feet, all hands are on deck. Those who do not understand how energy works, fasten your seat belts we are flying to our potential. Those who fear the presence of higher frequencies, extraterrestrial forces, and the galactic races who support and guide us on this path of discovering inner Knowledge do not realize that no one has to come physically to Earth to save us. You fear your own power. They arrived through us, from each of us who began to observe the world with an open mind with a strong inner feeling that life on planet Earth will never be the same again. We are awake.If we travel to the past and ask anyone in the 18th century what their aspirations for the future are, they would tell us they want faster horses. What do you think these people would think if we shared that we are changing the world in the future and succeeding in it as we grow through our pain, tears, and sweat? They would laugh because they would think it was impossible. Well, it is hard to fight fear, and it is difficult to rise above the limits of the physical bodies in which we reside only briefly. It is hard because it’s uncomfortable, it hurts.No one wants to suffer because for many it sometimes seems easier to at least not look at what they can’t change. The truth hurts, and the truth is we have bruises all over our souls. We are covered in scars from trying to get out of the mold that has been imposed on us, from the mold that we have outgrown. Our growth hurts, but we are finally freeing ourselves. We finally opened our eyes. If someone from the future came and asked us now what do we want for our future? What do we answer?Namaste,Ellie Orion