The New Golden Age Will Be Fully Established Until 2027—After dark ages come to an end, it takes approximately 400 years for humanity to reconnect with itself, regain its wisdom, and establish a new golden age.
These cycles, or Yugas, have occurred in your linear history at least three times, according to our data. You are now approaching the end of the third and final dark age on your timeline. The good news is that you will not have to wait 400 years to establish a new golden age.
This third and final dark age will officially end between the fall equinox of 2016 and the winter solstice of 2017.
However, instead of taking 400 years to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, this time around, it will only take about 10 years! As we read the energetics of your world, the geometric path you are moving through, we see that the new golden age will be established no later than 2027 !
In regards to your future & the collective energy of your world. Currently, your collective energy is predominantly negative. Because of this, those who are in alignment with this flow of energy are generally the ones who have the best of luck. If you are a negative being in a negative reality, then you are going with the flow. Because of this, things tend to work out for you.
However, if you are a positive being existing in a negative reality, then you are likely to experience a great degree of resistance, fiction, frustration, and general bad luck because you are going against the flow of your reality. This is often why many of you ask the question, why do bad things happen to good people?
The exciting news about your near future is that the table is about to turn – your world will become predominantly positive beginning in or around the year 2017. That means that if you are a being who is of positive orientation (and if you are reading this book, you most likely are), the collective energy will begin to support you more and more as it adjusts and gets in alignment with your frequency. This means that good people on your world will experience an increase in good luck very soon! Those who are negative in nature will begin to experience increasing amounts of friction and frustration as the collective energy no longer supports them. There is a saying throughout the Pleiades that we wish to share with you here – he who goes with the flow is always the luckiest man standing. Remember this

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