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20 SIGNS Of A Psychic Attack

Psychic attack is a form of malicious energy attack that emanates deliberately from a sender – either a living person or a malevolent spirit on the other side. Attacks are always negative and may have consequences, yet we need not fear them at all. In addition, there are some simple steps we can take to prevent or ward off such attacks. If one still occurs, we can lessen the energy of it or send that energy neatly back to the sender.

Ghostly Girl

Who Are The Attackers?

We imagine all kinds of entities, be they ghostly figures (right), spirits or demons, and yes these things do exist and can be bothersome, for some of us more than others. Most psychic attacks however, emanate from our fellow humans who may wish us harm, be envious of us, or simply enjoy the power of being cruel. One of the most prevalent and dangerous attacks of all is that of gossip, which is considered by angels to be black magic. Many may disbelieve the simple power of the tongue, of lying words, yet bullying and gossip are very dangerous and karma-causing for the perpetrator. If we wish for others to be kind to us, we must always do likewise or attract the negative energy back.

Other kinds of attacks can include malicious spirits who are bent on trouble and they can visit us while sleeping in the form of incredibly strange and disturbing dreams, nightmares, sleep paralysis, choking, physical discomfort, or attacking the spine to try to sever the “silver cord”. It is said that some people who suffer epileptic fits are suffering an attack of some spirit that is trying to get in.Whether this is true or not I couldn’t say. 

Throughout my life I have woken from strange nightmares only to find myself frozen in sleep paralysis while something choked my neck or attacked the spine. After going through this a hundred times or more, I have never suffered damage. If a person is balanced physically, mentally and emotionally, the spirits can’t harm us. I believe that spirits do speak to clairaudient people who can hear them, and speak lies to make them paranoid or do bad deeds. They will try to break one down by constant repetition to do something bad; then to bring relief a person may actually do it, letting the spirit win. To one who is balanced, they will ignore the spirit and never let it in. For others, it may take some experience before they learn to ignore it – nothing good ever comes from listening to a demented spirit with a forked tongue.

4 Signs Of Psychic Attack At Work

If a person we know is attacking us with gossip behind our backs, the signs are:

  • other people suddenly acting weirdly or not wishing to speak to us 
  • people suddenly turn against us as though poisoned
  • dirty looks, or 
  • downright anger is coming our way
  • (scroll down for 20 signs of attack from spirits)

I have been through this recently on a few occasions (shows how common this is) and I was able to block and return the energy completely using (1) a positive attitude, and (2) wearing protective stones and mirrored silver jewellery (either a ring or pendant). The person who attacked me in one instance got her instant karma back that day, and it was amazing to see her attract a sudden, unpleasant situation which I was there to witness. Even though I knew what she did, I felt sorry for her because I could feel how unhappy she truly is in life. We never need to attack that person back; far better to wait and let the universe balance the situation through karma.


Attacks from people who use spells and rituals are slightly different. This has happened to me once, and was initiated out of envy. 

I happened to cross a dark witch (practioner of dark energy sending) who after reading for me told me that she wanted what I had. That same afternoon, there was no doubt I was experiencing an energy attack. The feeling was unpleasant and weird to say the least and it lasted several hours. It did not harm me but I was very conscious that someone was putting bad energy all over me. The next day it was gone. 

Some dark witches will try to cause someone they don’t like to have an accident, yet I can assure readers that if it is not in your Life Plan Contract to have an accident, it will not happen. We are protected by destiny in this way. If we do not consent on a higher level for their spell to work, then it cannot. 

What this lady may not have realised is that dark spells by their nature bounce back to the sender. The only way a spell can hurt us is if we believe it can, then through the law of attraction we can worry to the point that we do have an accident. The trick is to ignore this type of magic and it will disappear again without harming us. We are in control of our destiny, not someone who wishes us harm, because we create our life. We can always ask our angels for extra protection, or ask Archangel Michael to watch over us.

20 Signs Of Psychic Attack From Spirits

Signs and symptoms of attack from an entity or spirit are the most disturbing of all. As mentioned at the top of the page, they cannot hurt or kill us (otherwise I’d be dead already), but we can unwittingly let them in where they will attack emotionally, mentally, as well as physically. Here is the list of 20 possible signs of attack:

  • can’t sleep and have very strange, disturbing dreams
  • addictive behaviour can get worse
  • unusual fights with others break out
  • more testy than usual, impatient, feel out of sorts
  • unusually angry
  • depression for no known reason, nothing has changed to cause it
  • overeating for no reason, out of character
  • mood swings, moody, not yourself
  • thoughts of doing bad things you would never usually entertain
  • paranoia, like something is influencing you
  • hearing voices, being told what to do, being pressured relentlessly
  • energy drained from body during sleep
  • constant, daily fatigue for no reason
  • cold, icy feeling in limbs or body that persists
  • feeling of being watched but no one in the room
  • confidence can disappear, feeling less than yourself
  • wake in the night paralyzed
  • frozen and being physically attacked with energy in body or neck
  • if clairvoyant, you may see hostile entities at night that resemble demons
  • apparent bad luck, slip ups, bad memory

There can be multiple reasons for the above symptoms. If your health is actually affected, see your doctor. We can prevail from any energy attack and find healing – there is light at the end of the tunnel, so please keep reading.


How To Deal With Psychic Attack

This is a tricky subject and no one has all the answers. One way to rid yourself of negative entities is to scorn them, for this dis-empowers them. If you laugh at a spirit that is wanting to steal your power, they will run far and fast. Having no fear and replacing fear with scorn removes the only form of attack they have, for we must consent to the attack by reacting fearfully. When we laugh at them, there is no way that fear will work; we don’t fear humorous things. If they cannot get into our mind to control or influence it, then they have no way to attack us. 

I ‘ reminded of the Ghost Busters movie and the character who was a smart arse and showed nothing but scorn to the bad spirits, making jokes and laughing. This is hands-down the way to go, and the best thing we can do. No spirit wants to visit a person who laughs and insults them. They move on to the next easiest target. Do not worry about angering them, to anger them is good, for they cannot hurt us unless we allow them to.

12 Ways Of Defence and Clearing:

  • crystals
  • smudging
  • visualisation
  • mirrored surfaces/jewellery
  • using white light
  • meditation to strengthen the aura
  • being positive/using affirmations
  • gem or flower essenses
  • in rare cases, moving to a new home
  • do a cord cutting or ask Archangel Michael to do it
  • invoking angels, God or Jesus
  • words are sometimes magic

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