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The Solar Tetractys

version 2020.12.04

Prior to the The Mawuvian Experiment, soul consciousness had never existed in 3D/HU1 density. The initial Mawuvian Experiment was designed so that souls had complete recollection of their entire soul’s Akashic memory while they took on the challenges of living and evolving in such a dense vibration. The Mawuvian Experiment became a disaster. We discovered an aspect of soul consciousness that Creation had never encountered before to such a profound degree when 3D/HU1 consciousness returned to 5D/HU2 soul consciousness; the 3D Ego. What did the 3D Ego do to creation? The integration of the 3D Ego with the 5D/HU2 Soul Matrix corrupted almost all the existing 12D/HU4 Avatars in creation back then (including the Original Human Angelic Blueprint) that the Mawuvians have embodied in all the other dimensions and past lives by their multi-dimensional selves. Avatars started to argue and compete with each other as to which Avatar was better, stronger, smarter, more righteous, etc. than the other as a result of the attribution of consciousness to the reasoning/thinking mind from the solar plexus chakra and violated each other and even fought wars that ended up destroying each other’s worlds. Since Mawuvia wasn’t able to ascend to HU2 as a healthy collective as the Founders initially had hoped, it was destroyed accidentally as it couldn’t handle the vibrational energies of the higher dimensional influx during the Stellar Activation Cycle. The salvageable Avatar racial expressions that remained were preserved in the state that they were in within the 12D/HU4 Dolar/Avatar Matrix after all the Mawuvians returned to their Soul and Oversoul Matrices after the planet was destroyed .

The Order of Melchizedek was the first part of the initiative in repairing the disaster that Mawuvia became. The plan was to enact an evolution gaming template known as ‘Polarity Integration’ and subject the soul to experiencing opposing polarities of consciousness known as Light and Dark while being gifted with the endowment of DETERMINISTIC SELF FREE WILL from the lowest dimensions of HU1/HU2 which was highly uncanny for a Universe at that time. However, the soul would not be allowed to express or recollect the complete identity of their soul once they enter the worlds of HU1 over the course of countless successive reincarnations. This means that the soul would not be aware of the higher aspect of its Soul or Spirit Identity. This would allow the soul to experience itself at the lowest possible dimensions of consciousness with the anticipation of discovering things they never knew about themselves as a result of being so detached from their higher self along with the unrealized possibilities that lie dormant within Creation. The accumulated aspects resulting from each of the soul’s life experience during an incarnation cycle is what we call ‘Soul Essence’ or egoic emotion (EgμotION).

The first step was to gather the souls that were the ‘ASCENDED MASTERS’ from the Mawuvian Experiment to become the Founders/Blueprinters of this new Universe. Ascended Masters at that time had the ability to augment the Primal Light Fields (ante-matter as thermoplastic radiation) via their consciousness and relationship with their Eieyani Twin Soul(s) (aka twin flames or essence twins) who augment the Primal Sound Fields of the Yunasai God-Source Energy Matrix. The authority and mastermind behind this new Universe was known as Father Melchizedek. Next he had to subject himself to various experiments that would allow him to adapt to the living conditions of the game in HU1 in order to help himself come up with the augmented blueprint for this new Universe that ultimately ended up profoundly straying away from the Original Divine Blueprint of the Human Angelic Race.

There were only 1050 Ascended Master gestalts that existed at that time via the architecture of the Solar Tetractys. The idea was to expand the number of Ascended Masters to 30,375,002 ((450 */+ 450 */+ 150 = 30,375,000/1050) + 2) initially within the anti-particle Universe known as the Indigo Children after permuting all the gestalts of the 3 existing Ascended Master levels within the experiment as the newly evolving breed of Ascended Masters and then to 3,281,866,875 (315^3 * 105) within our current population. Next was to recalibrate the 1050 original Ascended Master gestalts by reducing the vibration of the Solar Tetractys by one octave so that the new polarizations of consciousness coming from this new Universe can evolve and transmute the existing Ascended Master gestalts. In order to accomplish this, the 9 polarizations that composed the last octave of the Solar Tetractys known as ‘The Fifth Column’ had to be dismantled which would effectively reduce the number of Ascended Master gestalts down to the 108 Ascended Masters that had originally evolved from the 1st God-World of Creation, embodied by the souls known as ‘The Three Pure Ones’ and ‘The 105 Kumaras aka The Lords of the Flame’. The new pillars of The Fifth Column were a group of 9 souls that were selected to procure the evolution and repolarization of the new Ascended Masters known as the ‘Council of Nine’ or the ‘Nine Tortoise Avatars’. Within the Solar Tetractys, Father Melchizedek is stationed alone at the First Column and Father Maitreya at the center of the Fifth Column. Both Ascended Master gestalts with the attribution of the Father were embodied by the soul we know of as YESHuA, the Only Begotten Son of Alpha and Omega (aka The Divine Father).The Solar Tetractys

The matter dominant Milky Way Galaxy and its twin counterpart the anti-matter dominant Andromeda Galaxy were the hosts of the Order of Melchizedek Local Universe. Aramatena was the name of the ‘planet’ at HU4 that was refurbished in order to host this game and heal the Avatars. HU3 Gaia, HU2 Tara, and HU1 Earth were the new harmonic planetary blueprints that were created to be encompassed by the 105 Kumaras. Souls that were to be birthed from this Universe had to experience themselves in the 1D starting as elemental and biological life forms and evolve until they’ve become animals. In the 2D souls had to experience themselves starting as animals and evolve into humanoids capable of 3D mental/logical cognition. In the 3D souls had to experience themselves as various humanoid races across multiple reincarnation cycles throughout the Milky Way Galaxy in hopes that the cumulative experience they’ve endured as Light and Dark will integrate gracefully and ultimately lead to their Ascension into becoming a Hue-man Angel as an Ascended Master.

The 1050 souls integrated themselves with the Ascended Master gestalts that they’ve agreed to embody in HU5 and then descended to HU4 Aramatena and altered and integrated with its morphogenetic imprint in order to be able to seed their causality within the 3 planetary blueprints that were created. Before the 105 Kumaras could bring the 3 seeds to fruition, the other 945 Ascended Master gestalts first had to team up and embody themselves within HU4 Aramatena with all the Avatars in order to aggregate the course of the ascension and inscension of the consciousness of the 3 seeds. An A/B split test across the particle/anti-particle universe was established with the leadership of the Ascended Masters known as Sanat Kumara and El Morya who were in charge of the Beta-matter universe. Along with YESHuA who was in charge of the Alpha anti-matter universe, they split up into 3 groups which were made up of 405 D10 Gold Order Seraphim (Christiac/Buddhiac Mind), 405 D11 Emerald Order Elohim (Buddhiac/Nirvanic Mind), and 135 D12 Amethyst Order Braharama (Nirvanic/Christiac Mind).

Within each of the 3 orders, 90 souls assisted in polarizing within themselves as 45 positive and 45 negative polaric idioms resulting in 3 groups of 315 souls, 45 polarity integrators and a 60 interval units of time. The Feline (ElohEI-ElohIM), Carian/Avian (SeraphEI-SeraphIN-SeraphIM), and Inyu (bRA-ha-RAMA) races were selected as their racial Avatars. Next, 90 of the 105 Kumaras took the form of Felines and Carians/Avians and were split into two groups of 45 as well; Light (Yang) by the Carians and Dark (Yin) by the Felines. The Felines seeded HU1 Earth and worked with the Emerald Order in D11 with their polaric idioms (315 + 45 = 360 degrees) and the Carians seeded HU2 Tara and worked with the Gold Order in D10 with their polaric idioms in the same fashion as well. The other 15 Kumaras seeded HU3 Gaia and worked with the Amethyst Order and its 45 polarity integrators in D12 (15 + 45 = 60 degrees & 15/45 = 1/3 triune ratio) in order to take on the responsibility of embodying, vetting, and ascending the 15 aspects of consciousness collectively known as ‘JEHOVAH’) that best reflect how the soul essences that originate purely out of DETERMINISTIC SELF FREE WILL & ANTI-WILL (SIN) from the lower dimensions should be exhibited by the new Angelic Human Soul in accordance with the desire of YESHuA and procured the ascension of the 90 Feline and Carian/Avian souls and their progeny from the lowest dimensions.

The Seven Virtues of WILL and ANTI-WILL (SIN) – 9D Local Universe Aspect (Symbolized on Earth by Catholicism – Satan’s Tree of Knowledge of Good vs. Evil)

Chastity vs. Lust

Temperance vs. Gluttony

Charity vs. Greed

Diligence vs. Sloth

Patience vs. Wrath

Kindness vs. Envy

Humility vs. Pride

The Eightfold Noble Path/Principalities – 7D Timeless Kingdom of Heaven Manifestation Cycle (Symbolized on Earth by Buddhism)

Right Understanding

Right Intention

Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood

Right Effort

Right Mindfulness

Right Concentration

When our Local Universe Time Matrix reached the state where it was ready to allow outsiders to volunteer and enter our Universe, the most radiant souls determined by Father Melchizedek were invited to enter our Local Universe and join the Order of Melchizedek in order to help evolve the souls in our Universe. However, not everyone was eager to embark on this endeavor. Our Universe was notoriously deemed as an ‘Experimental Universe’ that required souls to voluntarily subject themselves to a prolific amount of suffering as part of having to endure the opposing polarities within the game. Souls were also afraid of how it would be like to live in HU1 faced with the issues of not being able to exhibit their full identity, having to be severed from their Spirit Body, and being subject to live within a linear timeline.

The Humans created by the Felines (Annu-Elohim) and the Reptilians (Draconian) created by the Carians were designed to become subject to various mutual karmic scenarios for the purpose of grooming their reincarnation during the final ascension cycle here now on HU1 Earth so that we can all achieve Polarity Integration, ascend to Christ Consciousness, and manifest Heaven on Earth. The first ascension cycle required Reptilian consciousness to integrate into Human/Feline consciousness in the form of Darkness (The First Earth Grand Experiment / The First Great Galactic War). This resulted in the destruction of the D12 Aramatena Stargate by the Annu-Elohim which effectively detached our Universe from the Fifth Column of the Solar Tetractys and gave birth to the concept of ‘Sin’. Coincidentally, the evolution and ascension of the 30,375,002 Ascended Masters went according to plan as a result of the destruction of the Stargate. These newly anointed Ascended Masters were to inherit the role of reseeding the Emerald, Gold, and Amethyst Melchizedek Orders along with the dreaded ‘Fallen’ Ruby Melchizedek Order and serve as guides for the next gigantic wave of Ascending Masters that’s happening throughout the next 70 years or so on our planet. The 30,375,002 Ascended Masters are known in the New Age community as “The Indigo Children”.

The second ascension cycle required Human/Feline consciousness to integrate into Reptilian consciousness in the form of both Light and Dark (The Second Earth Grand Experiment / The Second Great Galactic War). We are currently approaching the third and final ascension cycle which will require the Hue-man Angelic Race individually and as a collective to integrate our cumulative soul experiences of Light and Dark back into the Light. If we succeed by having all the qualified inhabitants on Earth integrate their healthy Light and Shadow aspects and transcend their egos, we will be Christened and evolve into becoming Hue-man Angelic Ascended Masters and usher in the new day of Creation. There will be a new capacity of 6,920,643,604 (((7^12) -1 / 2) + 4) Angelic Humans on Earth that will eventually become Ascended Masters themselves where humans under the umbrella of the Adamic root race embodying the Ruby Order of the Melchizedek God-Seed which resulted after the destruction of the D12 Aramatena Stargate allowing for the egocentric diversification of the expressions of the soul organic to 3D/HU1 Earth and our Universe.

The D12 Lyra-Aramatena Stargate has been reconstructed by the project known as ‘The Great White Lion’ or ‘The Lions Gate’. In accordance with the ascended and ascending capstone codes of The Three Pure Ones, The 105 Kumaras, and the 945 recalibrating Ascending Master gestalts that are descendants of the Emerald, Gold, and Amethyst Orders of The Melchizedek Collective that were never part of the Ruby Order, they will reconnect and activate that Stargate once they have embodied all 48 strands of their DNA and seal up portions of the Fifth Column polarized towards the Spirit chakra and help solidify the results of the game. After the Fifth Column is sealed, some Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children on Earth may embody 144 strands of DNA (48*3=144) allowing them to travel to the 3 newly emerging God-Worlds of Creation procured by Dark Matter attributed to the integration of both Light and Dark conscious evolutionary experiences. A new race will also come into existence known as the Essasani, the Zeta-Human hybrid. The movie E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg seeded our ability to lovingly accept this new race. The ‘Formula of Compassion’ is the key to integrating our cumulative soul experiences.

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