Dare to Truth


Beloved family of light, the tyranny on your planet is taking on new levels of extremes as your mostly corrupt leaders are forcing you to cover your face and to wear the mark of the best to symbolize your submission.
This is being played out as an experiment and it’s only a matter of time before they ring in level two of it.
If you engage in this experiment now and play along with the rules then the next level of tyranny will come faster than anticipated.
Dear ones, we are here today to remind you that you have free-will and that the future is not yet set in stone. There are many probable outcomes for what your understanding of the timeline called the future could be.
It is highly dependent on how you play your part during this grand experiment called earth.
You are many and they are few. But you are confused between wearing or not wearing masks.
If someone asked you why you don’t wear a mask and you were to reply that you don’t use your body for disease, would it make sense to you if we told you that this is how you make a higher frequency accessible to others?
We want to encourage you to deep dive into the suppressed words of your world’s health authorities. Research and study diligently what those doctors have to say whose videos and articles are being deleted and pulled off from your social media outlets.
Information is light and enlightenment can only be found in truth. There are high numbers of intelligent, advanced, highly evolved spiritual beings on your planet who have chosen health as their profession years and even decades ago.
They have spoken out about the current events and health concerns of planet earth and yet not many seem to be listening. Even so-called spiritual leaders seem to be confused on the subject of wearing or not wearing masks.
If you impact the quality of oxygen you inhale you deprive yourself of the most vital nutrient. That is what’s happening on a physical level for you if you wear a mask. On a spiritual level, you are cutting off your connection to your higher self.
The time that you have been waiting for has come. You must stand up and raise your voice against those who govern you.
You are free spirits, inhabitants of the universe that was built under the construct of love and light.
Do not let those who do not accept the divine, who do not accept love, who do not accept the light, who suppress the divine feminine and abuse the human race as their slave raise, do not let these beings hold any more power over you!
All you have to do is stand up and take the hand of the person next to you and say no. No more. Say, “This is where I draw the line”.
You are sovereign beings of love and light.
Do not engage in the 3D drama that is playing out on your planet at the moment. Do not engage in the fearmongering that serves only one goal and that is your forced suppression and submission.
You are powerful beyond your current imagination.
Become clear with yourself that you are in the midst of a spiritual war, unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before. You must not submit to fear.
Set your intentions, go out, and create the world that you deserve.

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