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Travel scandal

You have every right to expect good behaviour’: Shandro, McIver apologize amid Alberta MLA travel scandal

Author of the article:Ashley JoannouPublishing date:Jan 06, 2021  •  Last Updated 44 minutes ago  •  4 minute readTany Yao, the MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo, is in Mexico and United Conservative Party officials haven’t been able to reach him, a caucus spokesman says. PHOTO BY VINCENT MCDERMOTT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK

Article content

Two cabinet ministers say the public has every right to be angry that multiple UCP MLAs travelled internationally over the holidays while Albertans were being told to stay home.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro and interim municipal affairs minister Ric McIver appeared at chief medical officer of health Deena Hinshaw’s press briefing Tuesday, the first time elected officials answered media questions since Premier Jason Kenney accepted former municipal affairs minister Tracy Allard’s resignation from cabinet and took away

Sometimes they’re yelling, sometimes they’re using hard language and I guess the message that I would say to Albertans is, you have every right to expect good behaviour and a high standard of conduct from your government,” he said.

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