With every ascension portal the energy builds, peaks and then wanes. Tomorrow is a BIGGY – 2 – 22 – 22. Like numerous other lightworkers, I have been anticipating this portal for years, and especially feeling it building since a few months now. Just one more day to go and it will reach its peak, then it will begin to wane.

And with every major portal, my guides give me clear guidance on how to move through with least effort. I usually don’t share that guidance in this way, but this time I will because this 2 – 22 – 22 is a major shift in global energy, so much so that after it has passed the world will be forever shifted towards a positive pull. Earth will shift big time towards this positive pull, leaving Her body (your body too) forever changed also. How it changes is determined by the collective consciousness/perspective, and how you experience those changes is up to you – will you choose the easy or difficult path? Your level of soul/body alignment will determine that answer – the more aligned with your soul you are, the easier it will be on your ego. Bless the ego, because it does not know what it is doing – does not know what is best for it. What is best can feel painful if the ego struggles. Here are some bullet points – things my guides tell me with every portal: –

  • relax and focus on each moment. The flow will take care of itself, and you have done all you can. It’s like when you are cramming for an exam – at some point you must relax and trust in the work you have done.
  • there will be buffering because you are surrounded by the old vibration you are about to move out of. It will kick and struggle and buffer your emotions. Therefore, practice silence so that your tolerance and patience is calm.
  • You are human, so you will see the world fight in its delusions of war. Don’t react, don’t feel pity, don’t engage with illusory attack and defense. Be the calm in the eye of the storm
  • Expect to feel powerful energy move through you – allow hope, be blessed, and again, above all, be calm.
  • work – do only what prevents others from being harmed, neglected, disturbed. Your only true purpose is to love, and remember – often love shows itself by doing nothing at all.

Thank you always to THE GREAT AND HOLY SPIRIT that is the intuitive flow of divine law, love and light.

Let me also mention that idea of war…. 15 years ago my friend asked me what Black Elk says about the 5th dimension. I replied – he says that before the golden days there will be WORLD WAR III. The world is teetering on the edge of that or a peace treaty, and if it tips into that former, we may or may not experience it. I asked Black Elk this morning – if it does happen in my experience how will it be? He replied “one might perceive a great war in the world’s collective manifestation, but one can still be at peace in their individual environment. Do not forget Crazy Horse who showed how bullets and arrows cannot penetrate what is divinely protected from within. And also, you cannot forget the Master Jeshua who walked on the stormy waters and calmed them with his word. Remember, dear heart, that you are the same as the divine master – when you remember this way, you will never be swallowed up by the world.”

Once the portal begins to wane, the energies will begin to balance up really well – it will seem more joyful, peaceful, and we will be filled with promise in our actions, and reward in our rest. Peace or war really is within our perception now. I know which I choose to manifest as a master.

With my love and gratitude for your supportive presence today… Eliza White Buffalo 🙏

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