Believe the scholars/ truth is predictable


American Clairvoyant Denton Brinki:
“Follow Russia – the way Russia will follow, the same way the rest of the World will follow it”
American Clairvoyant Jane Dixon:
The Hope of Peace and its revival will come from Russia.
Predictions of the Italian Clairvoyant Mavis:
Russia has a very interesting future, which absolutely no one in the world expects from Russia. It is the Russians who will start the rebirth of the whole World. And no one can imagine how deep these changes will be in the whole vast world, caused by Russia. In Russia, even the deepest province will come to life, there will be a lot of new villages on the very periphery … Russia will achieve such a uniquely high level of development, which does not exist now and even by then, there will be no one even the most developed state in the world … Then all the other countries will chase Russia … The former and current Western path of the development of earth civilization will soon replace a new one, namely the Russian path.
Vanga predicted in 1996:
… The new teaching will come from Russia — the oldest and the truest teaching — will spread around the world and the day will come when all religions in the world will disappear and will be replaced by this new philosophical teaching of the Fire Bible.
Socialism will return to Russia in a new form, there will be large collective and cooperative agriculture in Russia, and the former Soviet Union will be restored again, but the union is already new. Russia will get stronger and grow, no one is allowed to stop Russia, there is no such force that could break Russia. Russia will count everything on its way, and not only will survive, but also will become the sole and inseparable “hostess of the world”, and even America in the 2030s will recognize the total superiority of Russia. Russia will again become a strong and powerful real empire, and will again be called by the old ancient name Russia.
Clairvoyant Edgar Casey predicted:
The 20th century will not end yet, as the collapse of communism in the USSR, but Russia, liberated from communism, is not waiting for progress, but a very serious crisis. However, already after 2010 the former USSR will be resurrected, but it will be resurgent in a new form. Russia will lead the resurrected civilization of the Earth. Through Russia, the hope of a strong and just peace will come to the rest of the world.
Prediction of the Parasels:
There is one nation that Herodot called hyperborems – the forefathers of all nations and all earthly civilizations – arias, which means “nobble”. The current name of the original land of this ancient people is Moscovia. Hyperborees learn a lot in their stormy future history – and a terrible decline with a great multitude of possible disasters and a powerful, great blossom with a great array of all kinds of possible blessings that will come early in the 21st century, t. It is. as long as 2040.
Prophecy of 1930 by Saint Theofan Poltavasky:
Russia will rise from the dead and the whole world will be surprised … The same Orthodoxy that was in Russia before will no longer be, but true faith will not only be resurrected, but will also prevail.

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