Via Az Esm since he is still in Facebook jail!

Since many have asked me about doing courses, I will likely be doing an extensive one next weekend that will be approximately two hour in length and I am going to teach everything about the Blood Kabbalah, energy, and how it ties everything else since I will start at the fundamental level, especially but not limited too, neuropathology and the Jung Meyer’s system.

The second half of the session will involve ho level use of invocation, evocation, spellcasting, mind control, and defensive / offensive techniques in dealing with others energies. based on the first half of the session. I will be basically disclosing how to utilize lower level chaos magic. ~

For all those interested, the entire session will be about $40 and two hours give or take. I will be holding it live via Zoom likely and not sure how many I will take in, and if someone could please share to level others know where to find me currently since, most are unaware of my alter egos. I will be holding it next Saturday between 12-2pm Est.

This will be the first of many courses I will be doing, on various topics, all of them I have been teaching about briefly in minor detail compared to what I can teach via live sessions. For all those interested simply pm or sign up below. I will make you Gods. ~

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