Tesla tech coming back? EMF PROTECT

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves exist as the informational or non-physical component of all matter, but we’ll talk about them mainly in relation to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every electromagnetic wave has a component to it called the transverse wave, and another component called the longitudinal scalar wave.

Transverse waves are the part of the EMF that can be measured by meters because they exist fully in three-dimensional space and are easily measurable. The term transverse refers to the up-and-down, oscillating motion of this wave moving through 3D space. They are also called Hertzian waves and produce measurable frequencies. It is these transverse waves that are currently being used in electricity and telecommunications, since they were more easily detectable and quantifiable to early scientists.

The longitudinal (scalar) component of the EM wave does not exist normally in 3-space. It moves along the axis of time itself, which is the 4th dimension.

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