Love takes time

Once upon a time there was an island on which all feelings and human values lived: Good moods, Sadness, Wisdom… and all others, including Love.
One day it was announced that the island was going to be submerged… So everyone was getting their boats ready to get away!
After a short while only Love remained, waiting until the last moment on its beloved island…
When the island was about to disappear, Love decided to ask for help.
The boat ” Riches” passed by Love in a luxurious boat and Love said:

  • “Rich, can you take me?” “
  • “I can’t because I have a lot of gold and silver in my boat and there’s no room for you.” “
    So Love decided to ask Pride who was passing by in a magnificent boat:
  • “Pride, please take me away. “
  • “I can’t take you, Love, you could destroy the perfection that reigns in my boat.” “
    Then the Love demands to the Sadness that passed by:
  • “Sadness, please, can you take me away.” “
  • “Oh Love” replied Sadness “I’m so sad that I need to be alone. “
    Then the Good Mood passed by the Love, but she was so happy that she didn’t hear it called!
    Suddenly a voice called out from the boat “Knowledge”
  • “Come on darling, I’ll take you with me. “
    It was the voice of an old man…
    Love was so happy and full of joy that he forgot to ask the old man for his name. Arriving on the island, the old man disappeared.
    Love had realized how much he was indebted to the man and asked
  • “Knowledge”, can you tell me who helped me?” “
  • “It’s Time,” answered Knowledge.
  • “Time ? “Ask the Love, “Why would the Time have helped me?” “
    Knowledge answers:
    “Because only Time is able to understand how important Love is in life”!

Photographer: Yvonne Raulston

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