This message is for my collective

February 27, 2022 Father Absolute
Hello, my dear beloved children!

Today I want to talk to you in more detail about the current events in Ukraine, which, as I see it, worries each of you.

In fact, it was there that the struggle between the Dark and Light Forces entered into its decisive battle already on the physical plane.

What has been preparing and developing energetically for so long on the subtle plane of the Earth is now manifesting outside.

Unfortunately, this struggle cannot be painless for everyone.

Of course, those who are at the epicenter of this struggle suffer the most, which is what happened to the people of Ukraine.

But as I have repeatedly said in my messages, the Laws of the Universe cannot be canceled: they manifest themselves always and everywhere, regardless of whether people know about them or not.

And what is happening now in Ukraine is nothing but the operation of the Law of Retribution, or, in other words, the Law of Reflection.

And in this case, it touched the whole country.

Of course, from the point of view of a person of the three-dimensional world, this seems cruel and unfair, since in this country there are bright and pure souls who perfectly understand all the tragedy of the situation that has arisen there.

They, too, suffer from the hardships of the ongoing military operation, seemingly undeservedly.

But let’s look at this situation globally – from the height of your new consciousness, which has already gone beyond the three-dimensional world.

As you know, everything that happens on your planet is greatly influenced by the collective consciousness of humanity.

But by and large it is made up of the collective consciousness of cities and countries – their common energy.

And now let’s see what happened in Ukraine over the past few years.

This country has been chosen by the globalists as a testing ground for their many purposes, including the mind control program of the people.

Why did they choose this particular country?

You are well aware of the geopolitical reasons for this, so now we will consider the energy processes that were launched in Ukraine after the globalists introduced their proteges to all key posts in this country.

Greed, corruption, permissiveness began to flourish there in such a lush color that they completely destroyed the pure and bright energies of this once prosperous land.

But the globalists went even further, planting customs and traditions alien to Ukrainians, introducing them into the minds of people from a very early age.

Thus, an entire nation, previously brought up on the bright ideals of equality and brotherhood, was energetically destroyed.

Gradually, the concentration of negative energy coming both “from above” – from the ruling elite, and “from below” – from the people, whose consciousness was rapidly changing, reached its peak, as a result of which the Law of Reflection worked.

But it manifested itself in the most gentle way for people and in accordance with Divine expediency.

As a result of the ongoing military operation, the Ukrainian people are given the opportunity to get rid of their enslavers represented by the puppet government and their curators and start a new life.

As is most often the case, the awakening of people goes through moral and physical tests, which give strength to some and promote enlightenment, while others are even more thrown back.

But I believe that the current events will give a huge number of pure and bright human souls living in Ukraine a chance to start a new life, as well as get rid of everything alien and superficial that the globalists tried to introduce into their society.

Yes, this is shock therapy, but there is no time left for buildup.

This is how people are given the opportunity to make a quick leap in their spiritual development in order to make the Transition together with the Earth into the Fifth Dimension.

And the first step towards this should be getting rid of fear and aggression even in relation to their former “rulers”.

Accept, my relatives, this difficult lesson for you with wisdom and understanding, and then any danger will bypass you.

I bless you and love you beyond measure!

Father Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 26, 2022

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