Your guide to the top 10 crystals for beginners.

If you are looking to begin a collection or to use find the right healing crystal for you then here are the top 10 easy to use crystals for beginners:

1. Amethyst

Best crystal for: Aiding sleep and relaxation.

Represents: Royalty and spirituality.

Use to: De-stress, purify your aura, and bring divine wisdom.

Vibrations: Amethyst generates gentle vibrations, giving a deeply calming sensation.

How to use: Place an Amethyst Cluster beside your bed to help you sleep like a baby and give you psychic protection as you dream. Alternatively, keep an Amethyst pocket stone with you to keep you calm throughout the day.


2. Satin Spar

Best crystal for: Ease of use. Satin Spar is easy to use and connect with and doesn’t need cleansing or recharging.

Represents: Purity and the Moon Goddess Selene.

Use to: Soothe, cleanse and purify. Satin Spar clears out negative energy helping you to feel instantly more positive.

Vibrations: White light energy with gentle steady vibrations.

How to use: Keep satin spar near a window to invite pure white energy into your space. Cleanse other crystals with Satin Spar by placing them on the Satin Spar and leaving overnight in the moonlight. If you own a Satin Spar wand you can use it to open and close energy circles.

selenite, satin spar

3. Clear Quartz

Best crystal for: Healing power.

Represents: Space, purity and patience. Quartz comes from the Greek word “ice” as they believed it was a form of permanent unthwable ice.

Use to: Reduce negativity, improve your mood and mental clarity, and unblock energy flows.

Vibrations: A high vibration crystal it is the most powerful master healer crystal.

How to use: As a programmable crystal, you can use it for intention setting. Simply transfer your intentions to the crystal which will then amplify them and help you manifest those intentions. Clear Quartz can also be used to cleanse and reprogram other crystals.

quartz crystal

4. Green Aventurine

Best crystal for: Deep healing.

Represents: Its green colour represents nature, spring, new life, regrowth, and healing. It is thought to bring new opportunities and good luck.

Use to: Boost your chances of winning in all your enterprises. A natural powerhouse of a healer, it is great for releasing energy blockages.

Vibrations: A steady vibration crystal, with healing energies.

How to use: Place a stone in the palm of your hand during meditations, use this deeply healing crystal to allow your body to dispel energy blockages and begin the healing process.

Earthly wonder: The flashes of light beneath its surface are called “aventurescence” (optical reflectance) from particles of mica giving it deep mystic properties.

5. Rose Quartz

Best crystal for: Love and Divine Feminine energy.

Represents: The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz has been used as a love token since 600 B.C.

Use to: Welcome new love into your life or refresh old love. Awaken the goddess inside. Get your lovin’ on.

Vibrations: Rose Quartz emits soft feminine energy filling a space with tenderness, compassion, comfort and peace.

How to use: Keep a tumbled Rose Quartz pocket stone or mini-heart with you so you can allow new love into your life, let yourself be loved, and feel the confidence of the goddess inside you. A larger piece of raw or polished Rose Quartz should sit in the heart of the home to affirm existing relationships as well as soothe and tighten family bonds.

rose quartz

6. Black Tourmaline

Best crystal for: Protection.

Represents: The ultimate talisman of powerful protection.

Use to: Cleanse and purify. This semi-precious gemstone rebounds negative energy and reduces anxiety.

Vibrations: Strong and steading grounding vibrations which provide stabilising energy

How to use: Keep a pocket stone of Black Tourmaline with you to act as a talisman of protection, pushing away unwanted energy and people (great for warding off the office asshole). For putting up wards around your home or absorbing electromagnetic radiation from electronics, larger raw pieces work best. Place strategically at entrances or next to a computer for maximum effect.

black tourmaline

7. Smoky Quartz

Best crystal for: Grounding power.

Represents: The dark power of the Earth Gods and has been used for Centuries in tribal ceremonies and druidic rituals.

Use to: Create harmony, balance and stop the madness. Connect with the spiritual world while keeping you safe in this one and releasing negative energy into the Earth.

Vibrations: Grounding powerful vibrations.

How to use: You can use Smoky Quartz as a crystal to meditate with as it connects to your Root Chakra providing an anchor to the natural world. This allows you to focus your primal energy and survival instincts (flight or fight) which are triggered during times of stress in a more positive way within the body helping you become more grounded and stable.

Placed in the home it creates a safe space helping those under your roof to speak the truth to one another. Its grounding vibrations create harmony and balance.

smokey quartz

8. Pyrite

Best crystal for:
 Money blessings.

Represents: Wealth, good fortune and abundance.

Use to: Help you see the path ahead and as the ultimate good luck charm. As a sun energy crystal, it radiates healing solar energy to help you calm anxiety and frustrations.

Vibrations: Strong protective energy.

How to use: Place a cluster or a cube on your office desk to bring you success in all your endeavours or pop it near a window to channel good fortune into your life.


9. Black Obsidian

Best crystal for:
 Removing confusion.

Represents: Fire energy.

Use to: Banish negative energy and burn through any clouds of confusion. A natural volcanic glass, it is full of fiery power.

Vibrations: Hot but controlled volcanic energy.

How to use: Keep with you as a pocket stone to keep you in a positive vibe, then sit with it close by in the evening to help you recover from all the trials of the day. Obsidian is an ideal meditation stone for those wishing to refresh their thoughts and move on from past experiences and worries. Spheres work particularly well for advanced meditations.


10. Citrine

Best crystal for: 
Happiness, abundance & happy energy.

Represents: Fire energy.

Use to: Cleanser & regenerator. 

Vibrations: Strong Happy energy.

How to use: As an aura protector, it acts as an early warning system so the action can be taken to protect oneself. Can cleanse all chakras especially the solar plexus. Citrine cleanses and balances the light body aligning it to the physical. Keep with you when you need a boost of energy or place in the farthest left corner of your home from the front door to attract abundance and prosperity. 


Lastly, I think you should also get what you’re attracted to. If you are drawn to a crystal its for good reason and is a definite indication that you should have it in your crystal collection. Your intuition always knows what’s best for you. 

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green aventurine

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