What I would love for men to understand about women

What I desire for men to understand

is how deeply intimate and vulnerable

it is for a woman to receive a man

inside of her

in sex.

What has been

most heartbreaking for me

as a woman

is to feel men’s disconnection

between their hearts

and their sexuality.


you do not understand

what it is 

to receive another person

inside of your body

into your womb.

We, women, are receiving

not just your physical body

but also

your consciousness

your energy

your desire

your beliefs

your experience

of reality

inside of us.

It is such a deep gift

to allow a man

to enter into this space

as a woman.

It is sacred

and more than anything

what I desire

(and what I know other women are desiring)

is for men to start

being willing to feel

the magnitude of

receiving the gift

of entering

inside of us.

What it opens

inside of us

to receive you

in that way.

It doesn’t just 

open our bodies,

it opens our hearts

as well.

And what I

as a woman

and sister on the path

(who I know speaks

for many other women)

desires more than anything

is to feel your (men’s) willingness

to meet us in that opening

of heart to heart 

if you wish to meet us

in the opening of our sex.

It’s not

me first,

then you,

or you first, 

and then me.

It’s both of us together.

At the same time

over and over again

because we choose it

because it’s true

and it’s real.

And it’s the only way

either of us

are *truly* going to get

what we actually desire

beneath the surface level pursuit

of momentary

physical pleasure and get-off.

We are all longing for 

something deeper.

Something that can only be accessed

through devotion to

the opening of our hearts

and the gentle revealing of

our truth

to the best of our ability

in every moments.

Knowing that I hold me

and through holding me

I can hold you.

And you hold you

and through you holding you

you can hold me.

We commit to

holding each other

because the only way

we can heal 

the wound of disconnection

is through connection.

First to self,

then to source,

then to other.

Let’s commit

to all three

in so doing

find our way

back to each other

as One.

May we all remember who we truly are.

With Love,

Your true angel on earth 🌍

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