When you need a boost it’s time to share the love, and light my friend.


PROTECTION/INTENTION: Only that which is for my highest good may access my energy

NO ONE and NO THING may feed off of, remove or drain my energy in any way

My energy cannot be manipulated without my consent or knowledge

I will not interact with low vibrational entities or energies

CLEAR/RELEASE: Anything that does not belong to me or serve my highest good must leave my space now

Any thought, feeling, emotion, energy, implant, attachment or entity that does not belong to or serve me must leave my space now

Anyone or anything that is not aligned with my highest good must be released with love and forgiveness

I release and forgive all that is not in my highest good

I release and forgive all situations and people that blind me from my wholeness and power

I release all that distracts me from my souls purpose as planned by my soul prior to this incarnation

I willingly let go of all that no longer serves my greatest and highest good

I release all that does not serve me or is not mine

I release all beliefs that have prevented me from seeing my array of abundance

RETRIEVE ENERGY: I call my energy back from every person, place, thing, dimension, timeline, entity and energy.

I call back my power from all those that have been stealing it without my consent

BANISHMENT: I banish all low vibrational beings or entities that do not match the vibration of my highest self or unconditional love

I banish all entities or beings that are not for my highest good

BREAKING AGREEMENTS/CONTRACTS: I release myself of all previous promises, contracts and agreements that no longer serve my highest purpose

I am free to live as my highest self/for my truest purpose

ASTRAL PLANE PROTECTION: Spirit, if it’s in my highest good, please activate divine shielding and gaurdians on the astral plane and all dream realm pathways

I will not interact with low vibrational entities or enter low vibrational astral planes

I do not claim the energy of low vibrational entities from the astral plane or on any plane

No entity, spirit or energy is allowed to access or invade my vessel if my light body is not present

AFFIRMATIONS: I am an immaculate and powerful force that cannot be stopped

I grow effortlessly…mentally, physically, spiritually and financially

I accept that I am stepping into my full power

I am an abundant and divine creation

I am aligned with my highest self

I am willing to feel only the energy that is mine and I let go of all that is not mine

I raise my vibration to align with my highest path & potential

It is safe to be my true self

I am protected, divine energy is all around me

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