New York City visit in December 2022. From Maria Zucchero Denkov

It was a cold and dreary night in Chicago when my daughter Isabella decided to turn 16 in New York. She pleaded and begged to be to able to go and walk in Times Square- visit Carlos bakery and walk around the city lights. Well as a mom- I made it happen. We went to all the coffee shops, OsLo in midtown, magnolia bakery, 786, and eat cannolis at every place we saw. Times Square was a hoot with costumes made of Spider-Man, Mickey Minnie and super hero’s. We went to broadway to see Harry Potter and the cursed child- this too was magical. You could imagine dreams becoming a reality with being 16 and being able to go to two states within a few days. I want to express how amazing it is to be able to go and share this moment with my 16 year old. She will be getting her license this week as well and that seems daunting due to the fact she was only a little girl a few years back. I know our memories were made and I can’t wait to make more with her. Traveling back she actually got to sit in an exit row which makes for another milestone being 16! I hope the magic stays alive and we grow together more now! To my one and only Bella- I remember the day you were born- I had spa music playing in the background, essential oils and just us. You were crying for food and I was there to provide it. You dressed up like my little doll and I dreamt of having play tea parties and American girl doll dress up. Now you are a young woman- grown and setting adventures- blessed to be your mom.

Maria Zucchero

Concerned mom

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