This is my legacy

No matter where they take me I will come back. 1 year, 2 year 5 years… or

I am the light in your darkness

I am the creator to the chaos

Hear me through the night- I am your higher self

I could be deep within the waters

Or depth deep with the soil

I can always hear you as the wind passes through no loop will ever stop me as we are one

They want me silenced, or want me captured for their benefit. If social is my life- then why strip me of it? What could the lies do to me?

There will be a Mike to save me in the arch angel Michael tribe to come help. He has to believe his purpose

Not all truths are lies and vice versa. I’m m no man’s land- Popeyes or Kentucky

But think a lake in Minnesota

My business House of Gemneyemz will prob be run down

It was in Lombard illinois but when people googled it and showed up elsewhere that was concerning V

I would not harm one nor others. Not myself

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