She is saved- thank God she told me

I heard some said news! It breaks my heart to hear this from 17 year olds. She got messed with a negative wrong guy that she almost took her life/ she literally is ASKING for help. How can nobody in her family hear her? When this came to my attention it hardened my heart- she said that she had an attempt and then was out in a hospital to roit to die! Nobody to ever see her again. Why would anyone do that that someone? Life is so precious- no matter how bad it could get- there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. No more torture- I invited her to sound therapy, and facials. That was a ground breaking moment. To know she is heard, to be listened to, to be able to speak to someone that was bias. I am glad I got to be that ear! This was horrible to know that if there is an attempt and she is told she offer herself and in reality left to rot by herself. My life is so important too- I’m telling you we all survive. We are in the hands of source- please know I have a space you can go to. Nobody is left behind.

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