About Maria Zucchero & Wesley Denkov

Maria Zucchero & Wesley Denkov

Maria Zucchero Denkov- proud mom of three plus one step son, Wesley Denkov husband to Maria and proud dad to our daughter Alyssa Denkov. Married and together for ten 10 years! Living in flowerfield Lombard ILLINOIS

Wesley Denkov works at Sunrise assisted living in the Illinois market he lives but somehow travels to Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia , Pennsylvania Boca Florida to work.

Business owner, entrepreneur, author, mother, crystal healer, reiki master and so much more

Keep your eyes out for new location coming soon!!! In LEMONT ILLINOIS

Check out all the new products created by me! Christmas is around the corner and all paintings, Orgone, jewelry, sage, PALO santo, crystals are ready to be shipped out your way. http://gemneyemz.com

  • Love and Light is all I stand for- we are one

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