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Where do I begin? Awe, yes…Me! How difficult it seems to talk about yourself but it has to be done. So many people have come and gone in my life but not without reason. Sometimes I feel they aren’t around anymore because they were never meant to be in my life to begin with. 

Let’s begin from my successes and failures in my career, shall we?

My name is Maria Zucchero and I am the local representative with Aesthetic Management Partners. Serving others and helping them succeed is my passion. Shortly after I got my degree in marketing I had something missing in my soul. I knew I wanted to go above and beyond for those that needed help with their skin.

I am a victim of skin issues and I needed to find a cure and share the positives with all those suffering around me. That is when my journey as a licensed esthetician began. I worked for doctors like you and generated income for them while they were performing surgery. I believe the passion you have for your patients is the same I have for doctors on a daily basis. I know how hard it is today to have a balance between work and life.

I know because I was in the grind with patients having longer wait times so you can see more patients in an hour. I know I became a breath of fresh air by utilizing my ability as an esthetician to help generate more income while they did what they love—serve and care for their patients. Making doctors more money in an hour with a non-invasive treatment than the surgery they performed was a game-changer. They saw the potential of growth and started investing in more of the non-invasive technology than they thought was possible. 

With insurance on the rise…having reliable technology can help with a CASH pay business. Testimonials with other doctors that joined forces with us are on the rise so why wouldn’t you want to be part of that? Sound good to you? 

If you are struggling to pay the bills and collect money then let that be a thing of the past! 

Doctors like you can work less and make more with the help of a strategic plan to gain traction in this medical cosmetic industry. 

Reimbursements are going down and overhead is going up for a medical practice, especially the ones that are partnering with big hospitals.

Doctors who are investing in technology to advance their practices and train their nurses or hire aestheticians to do the minimum work for them is on the rise. You will be able to generate more money in less time than right now. By investing in your technology, and growing the return on investment you can still do what you love and have someone generate money at the same time.

Thriving to succeed in a pool of other doctors but set yourself apart in the process. Be the NICHE! 

Wes Denkov



Here are some of the fun experiences in my life below:

The Jerry Springer Show, NBC Tower Chicago, IL- MakeUp Artist Intern

  • Performed makeup applications for all the guests appearing on the show 
  • Provided assistance with wardrobe, hair and all other aspects regarding show preparation
  • Principal dancer for The Baha Men, “The Best Years of Our Lives” featured in the soundtrack movie, Shrek
  • Dancer and model in the music video, “I Wish” for the performing artist R Kelly
  • Makeup Artist for CLTV BUDWEISER boxing match
  • Makeup Artist for a Magazine spread for the Oprah “O” 
  • Makeup creative for SCREEN Magazine spread for McBlaine & Associates Modeling Agency
  • Magazine spread for TCW issue Nov 2003
  • Makeup artist for WGN news anchors to just name a few.

Working as a freelance makeup artist was fun, but not steady so I moved to Florida and got my Aesthetics license. That is what lead me to who I am today.


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