Bellame and Maria Chicago Beauty

GRAB YOUR PASSPORT & EXPLORE There are two ways to get your BELLAME Beauty Passport: You will automatically be enrolled when you place one or more products on the Auto Replenishment of your choice. Not only do you start saving on your 1st order, but it is the most convenient and rewarding way to ensureContinue reading “Bellame and Maria Chicago Beauty”

Do you use injectables? How much is too much? or too little?

Injectables good for you? Generally speaking, a neurotransmitter is a chemical used for neuron to neuron communication, whereas a neuromodulator is a chemical that affects the neurotransmission of a whole group of neurons. Neurotoxins can be injected into the face to fight against gravity and prevent the skin from sagging. It also slows down the process that makes the creases thatContinue reading “Do you use injectables? How much is too much? or too little?”

Mom tips on how to “Get it Together!”

Ways Mom keep it together I don’t know about you but getting ready in the morning has been a task. There’s never enought time to get everything done, let alone done well. Meanwhile, you’re tripping on toys and clothes because you never have time to organize it. My family is always counting on me whichContinue reading “Mom tips on how to “Get it Together!””