Click the image above & SHARE this 20 minute Guided Audio Meditation  – that we will be doing in sync with Cobra – towards the end of this 144K Meditation – Any astrologer who’s ‘worth their salt’ …  is under absolutely no illusions that when the two most masculine … ass-kicking planets in the whole solar system –Continue reading

Who are the 144k in the Bible?

People asked me to do a post on this again and I haven’t in some time. It’s in regards to the ‘Autism’ epidemic which is just that but it’s also a great deal of deception rolled into the agenda and you can tell because those working with various ‘Autism’ organizations have found out some areContinue reading “Who are the 144k in the Bible?”

The Law of One More options Hide menu Home Sessions Categories Books • Audio Shop • Donate Plenum Healer Try Brave* * Affiliate link. Full Menu “I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is noContinue reading

The Highs Boston (God Particle)

COINCIDENCE or NOT?? You decide… The Higgs Boson(God Particle) is discovered July 4 2012…. You read that right…. This can EASILY explain the “Mandela effect” & events being changed & remembered differently in our timeline. Did you also know that Niels Bohr was involved in the establishment of CERN? I dont think its a ‘calendar’Continue reading “The Highs Boston (God Particle)”

Conclave- Is our World a deception?

Old maps are concave earth maps. It has a hinge point connecting the two hemispheres. The longitude and latitude lines creates squares and these squares get smaller towards the center of each hemisphere denoting concavity. So what the controllers done is completely inverted the truth on us. They used the concave earth maps and madeContinue reading “Conclave- Is our World a deception?”

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

1. Read the Fine Print Don’t sign contracts without triple-checking the fine print. Mercury wreaks havoc on communication, so make sure you know exactly what you’re signing or agreeing to before you do it. If something seems off, hold off and ask questions. And make sure to have plenty of backup material corroborating your actions.Continue reading “Things You Shouldn’t Do While Mercury Is Retrograde”

Good vs Evil plus right brain/left brain

I’m going to take the time to explain something since I was asked this and realistically didn’t feel like spending the energy at the time explaining it, so now I’m going to and it ties into the Satanic Death Cult and the Sabbatean-Frankist Empire. For those unaware of this till, your brain represents the twoContinue reading “Good vs Evil plus right brain/left brain”