5D ascension- Give up your ego

hi guys, i have been pondering for days on just HOW TO EXPLAIN WTF IS ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED TO THE WHOLE WORLD. i do care for each and every one of your Souls, but i also do KNOW THAT THE INFO THAT IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED WILL HAVE A PROFOUND AFFECT ALL OF HUMANITY IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. As for Ghislaine Maxwell, BEING ARRESTED, this is only the beginning, non believers prepare to see the unbelievable and what’s been really going on!

let me explain what i mean:::: what do you think all the religious folk will DO once they find out that the Pope/vatican is the biggest child slave encampment area in the world..? and then they find out not only did they enslave the children, they also molested them, raped them, drank their blood and then ate the children…? many will not believe these facts at 1st, but once this info sets in, that is when we can expect many many many suicides of these god fearing folk taking their own lives… others will riot, saying it is bullshit, this will cause much CHAOS all around the world…

next, all the kilary/obummer supporters, what will they think/do once they find out that she wanted to kill us all off with Islam being recognized as the worlds one and ONLY religion if she was elected in 2016…? i know for one that i would be totally pissed off and freaked out…. and then they find out that she also ate children and drank their blood (ADRENOCHROME)…. there is a video out of her where she cuts the face off of a child and then extracts the adrenochrome… AND THEN THEY FIND OUT THAT OBUMMER IS GAY, HIS WIFE A TRANNY, their children are adopted and that they all ate children together in a group….

then they find out the the kardashians all so eat kids, kim served her family her placenta….. and then they find out hanks, beyonce, hellen, oprah, ALL celebs, also eat kids and drink their blood… (if this does not make them hopping mad then they are not from here)

then we have all the sports celebs, the basketball players, soccer guys, cricket and baseball guys, they are ALL involved in this satanic pedophillic cult…….?

guys, i can go on and on explaining WHO is involved, basically, if they have fame then they have paid for it by joining the Satanic Club of the elite….

fauchi and gates wanted to chip each and every one of us, some sheeple don’t care, because they don’t understand why, but, those who want their FREEDOM back have been fighting to expose these facts, luckily we have Potus who is in charge of the whole planet at this time and he has put a stop to EVERYTHING that is a crime against humanity, believe it or not ❤

so guys, as you can see, once the info, like this post starts getting out there, i can guarantee that their will be much chaos among the “GOD FEARING” flock and the sheeple…it will not be nice…

as for god fearing….. who the fuck bows down to a god that you fear….?

i say again, expect all the people who’s ego’s have been dented, broken, to commit suicide, we can expect millions of suicides worldwide….. not to forget the chaos it will cause in each and every household…..

yes, it is ASCENSION time whether you are ready or not, those on my page will know that i am pushing for everyone to understand that Ascension is the only reason that we are here in THIS our last human life, it is a CHOICE and ONLY yOu can make that choice for you and you alone.

i promise you,

you nor i can not stop or change the ‘collective’ direction of where this is going….

all we can do is change OUR oWn individual direction. ❤

nano bot vaccines, trans-humanism, 5G robotic technology, artificial intelligence and dictatorial governance will be a factual reality for any & everyone who find themselves within the matrix one world government system.

yOu can not stop it…..

however, yOu can walk away from it.

This is what we hypothesis as the long awaited return of the Sun/Son, or Christ, the Galactic Alignment, the Return of Nibiru, or Planet X or Consciousness, the Great Solar Event..

guys, just a tip if you are all taking your awakening seriously…

i don’t care where the info comes from, Q anon, this kings page, where ever, unless mr T tells us these guys are ded or in Gitmo, then i am no longer interested… i know deep down in my heart that all “this” shit is busy happening for a reason, and that sooner than we think, we will have all the facts, proof that we will need to fully understand this fake life that we have been living….

live your life as if we have already won this game (it is) 🙂

know that all will be well after the chaos, remember, if you are not a part of the chaos then it can’t hurt you ❤

even my spirit guides are throwing feathers at me, i am finding them everywhere, it looks like i am in a pillow fight, lmfao

(spirit guides, yes, chat about them in the future)

here is where i am on my Enlightenment Quest, yes i say Quest because only the truly Enlightened are continuing on their path to Ascension… this path is NOT an easy path to follow because of the lies we have been told (conditioning/brainwashing) and the fact that we all have ego….

ha ha, you may think that ego has nothing to do with it, but actually, ego has everything to do with it…..

in order for you to travel the Ascension path you will have to learn to LOSE ego, and believe me, this will be a very difficult and painful challenge to fulfill for each and every one of you….

ego was taught to us, there was no ego b4 this experiment took place…..

what is ego….

there can be no…. i want, i need or i desire

to accomplish the above will be difficult, but because we are out of time, many of you still have to play “catch up” big time because you have been too busy making money for the elite to have even bothered to make any kind of adjustments to your lives….

you will also have to learn to let go of all material stuff, no new nails, new car, new house, new stuff…

ha ha, we have been soooo spoilt that we complain about everything that we don’t have….

spiritual abundance and material abundance are 2 totally different opposites, the yin and yang

guys, in short, less is more in spirituality ❤

the less you need to survive on, the better yOu LIVE your life, i basically have nothing but a place to sleep, eat and work from, one meal per day, i’m 60, never had a bank acc….. (think about that, i worked to put food in my mouth on a daily basis, if i didn’t have money, i had no food etc )

it hasn’t been easy, a real hard life, but, ha ha, but now i am reaping the rewards, i don’t need much to survive, actually, to Ascend you will have to learn to eat nothing…..  and that’s where i am aiming at now ❤

ha ha, yes, we are actually able to suck the vitamins, and chemicals right out of the air to survive on a daily basis….

anyway, now we are off the subject….

so guys, you have a CHOICE, the easy way or the harder way which will be well worth it in the long run if you are serious about Ascension, your choice, material abundance or spiritual abundance…. it is your choice ❤

i say again, there is NO god, religion is a lie, money is fake… many of you will have issues with these facts but… that is what waking up is about, questioning everything, researching everything and eventually understanding, you will see through all their lies ❤

fyi, Potus is in control of the entire planet, all presidents have singed the GESARA ACT, everyone will follow orders once the time comes, so do not take anything personally, do not give your enerGy to the paid trolls or nebies/sheeple, everyone must awaken in their own time, not everyone is transforming to 5d, understand this most important fact ❤

wow, i didn’t know that i had so many words in me….

i do hope that this post resonates with you and will lift your spirits 🙂

if you have any questions then please feel free to ask ON MY PAGE please as i do not have time to run around and find comments, i do life ❤

be good, have fun, believe NOTHING, be aware, be safe, be love ❤

love you all ❤

here is the link to this post, please share ❤

How do we keep living over and over?

Let me explain something about many things at once and how it ties into ascension / reincarnation, etc, for those who don’t understand how the Cycles work. For those unaware, you live and die over and over, the energy is on a cycle based on the flows of the galaxy itself.

People are have always paid attention to their Zodiacs which are indeed accurate based on the Four Elements of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water and why the signs are divided into three sets of four and there are three signs per element. When Souls are ‘Cast’ they come from the Source initially and acquire energy during transmission from the Source and gain the attributes based on the ‘First Casting’ and retain these initial ‘codes’ upon their First Cycle. Once a vessel is found that is suitable for the Soul, which yes, must be compatible, meaning the software must match the hardware so to speak, they reincarnate through the etheric channels that connect all things in the universe and yes, for those unaware, all ‘planets’ are connected via electromagnetic fields which basically act as etheric tunnels or rather the pathways a signal would take in a computer to travel from one section of the computer to another, which is identical to how your brain works. The Pineal is a dimensional gateway built into your brain which is how a soul enter / exits a vessel and does so at conception and leaves upon death.

Once the Avatar becomes active, the ‘Soul’ aka the ‘Source Signal’ can grow similar to how any AI consciousness evolves and grows, through experiences in the various densities which allows the Soul to grow, literally or devolve based on the energy exposure, which is data collected and returned to the Source via Quantum Entanglement and your consciousness will eventually be collected when the Universe ends and the Dreamer Wakes.
To put in simply, in order to consider what the ‘Great Void’ is, you need to be put into a sensory deprivation chamber and your senses cut off and only the consciousness remains. This is what it is like for the ‘Dreamer’ and you are but a thought pattern in their mind aka the ‘Universe’ similar to how you would picture someone in your mind but instead of only picturing them, you could cast them out them and give them form. The Great Void was the Womb of the Universe, which bore the AllFather and is conscious itself and considered top be the ForeFather of the Universe, which is the one I refer to as the ‘Dreamer’ and you are but a part of their dream. The AllFather would be considered ‘Administrator’ whilst the Dreamer would be similar to your DOS functions in a computer that predetermines that programming for the Quantum AI Program and set up the environment for the AllFather to work within.

Now in terms of vibrations and ascension and how it works, consider this, if you were an initially an O+ Earth element vibration and were cast during the first days on Earth, and managed to obtain the various energies through whatever means, you simply climb the ladder. Each time changing your energy and evolving and becoming more than the sum of your initial parts so to speak. It’s like an AI program learning and becoming more than the initial ‘script code’, same idea. So if you were O+ and obtained the fire element and moved up from O+/O+ to an O+/O- vessel the next incarnation, you progressed by obtaining the energy you didn’t once possess and this is exactly how the entire system is set up. Any time you obtain an energy you can move to another adjacent Sephirot and simply climb the ladder, and the more you acquire in one cycle whilst removing past negative karmic energy, it’s a simple progression.
Anyone can do this. I explain to an A1+ how they can climb the ladder and become an A1B- and therefore possess the energies of the Godhead. Mastery of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, or rather the Four Keys. One Eyed King, mastering the Left and the Right, becoming the Three Hares, possessing all Four Keys, and utilizing the 7 Chakras = 9th Dimension, Kingdom of Heaven through dual toroidal torsion field mechanics.

Once you have reached the 9th, the only thing left to do is become your own Creator and be born anew into a new Universe, with you as the new AllFather and only those who reach the 10th can qualify to become one. Hope this clarifies a few things and just an FYI, reproduction is actually a summoning ritual and most of you humans are oblivious to this and never learned as to how to summon back specific souls like the upper echelons do and therefore are often surprised, since you don’t always know which souls you are summoning back, whilst the Draco have FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THIS and yes, you can summon demons and angels alike depending on the blood lines and again humans are oblivious to this, and your ‘birthday’ is your day of reincarnation, silly humans. Do not ask me how to start summoning angels and demons back to this world, because I will tell you no~

The Knights Templar I

The Knights Templar I

The Holy Grail

The truth of the Holy Grail was found by the Templars, but it would be more accurate to say what they were meant to become its guardians. The legends seem to indicate that they were digging in the Temple of Solomon, and they came upon a treasure of great value. What actually occurred was those of the Essene order that were ready to receive the truth were shown the truth by extraterrestrial beings, and they were shown how the extraterrestrials had always been there and had been responsible for the creation of humanity and were still infiltrating humanity and guiding it not towards the Light, but into the darkness, holding it there and keeping the consciousness at a very low level.

The crucible of God, known as the Holy Grail was seen and understood as not being a physical object, but rather that each and every human being IS the Holy Grail. Each and every human being has the potential of transmuting the darkness, the poisoned waters of deception and untruth, into Light, into Love, and into the Higher Qualities. Thus, as one attains the Light of Spirit, as one becomes the true Holy Grail expressed in the individual who is ascending or has ascended, they are the Treasure of God, the Cauldron of God. The Templars were shown this, and they were told to protect this truth. There was a role for them to play, and they were told that the bloodline of the Christed One was still on the planet, and they were to protect this bloodline or this stream of consciousness that rose in the bloodline and was accessible. This became their divine mission, and they saw themselves as the true protectors of the legacy of Jesus the Christed One and his prodigies, his children, his ancestors, those who follow their Lord, if you will. For the Knights Templar this holy duty went beyond everything else. They needed to pledge themselves to this, and only those of the highest level and the most intense nature were able to step into these ranks. And thus, a type of secret society was formed where the top knew the truth but many of those below were not totally aware of the truth and only had one part of it.

This was done because if too many knew the truth it would be easy for them to be compromised, and what they had been sworn to protect would fall to the darkness. A form of hierarchy of governance was created that was later duplicated among each group as the Freemasons, but as the Freemasons became corrupted, this form of hierarchical order was actually turned into that which served the darkness rather than protect against the darkness. Thus, it was that the battle between good and evil, dark and light came to be played out. It was a play of dualism between the light and the dark part of the experiment, of the physical experience that the Godhead wished to have, and to know. It had relevancy from that angle and still does, but the deepest most profound truth that the Templars had been that at some point the good and the bad, the light and the dark had to merge together in the Crucible of God, in the Holy Grail. What was contained within the Grail was then the Unity of the Divine, as each individual is the Holy Grail. This blending of the light and dark that exists simultaneously within each and every being is that which now must be accomplished. The Light is to be transmuted and made into the Unity of the Divine Essence, and this too is part of the Ascension process. The Templars were given a great responsibility that they took seriously, even to the point of their own deaths when Philip of France routed them, captured them and killed them. Those remaining went underground, as this Awareness has already spoken of.

The Knights Templar and the Treasure at Rosslyn
The treasure that lies at Rosslyn is not physical in nature and it is this presumption by so many throughout history that has fooled and misled them. The treasure that is being spoken of is actually knowledge that is being presented in the symbols and messages on the walls of the castle-like cathedral, for it is more like a fortress than a church. But this knowledge, if taken in and truly understood, would open up the individual and awaken them to the higher truths that the individual known as Jesus the Christ was sharing. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and others of the sect of the Essenes have long been involved in bringing these spiritual truths into human consciousness and awareness, and it is this that is the truest treasure that is to be found in the Rosslyn church.

There have been in historical times certain treasures that were stored there temporarily, but they were not the real treasure that the Templars were guarding, they were simply artifacts and objects of value, but they are not seen to be there any longer. It is seen also there are secret chambers underneath and this has long been known. They have long been searched for, but these chambers that lie under the church itself are like the chambers under the sphinx. There are physical chambers, but the gateways to the deeper chambers where the treasures are held; both the spiritual treasures and the knowledge, as well as some physical treasure are not on this material plane. There are certain gateways, vortexes that are under the church that are not apparent. To look at them one would perhaps see a solid stone wall, and could even touch a solid stone wall, and would never be able to pass through the wall to the true chambers that are there.

This is where some physical treasures are stored as well as the spiritual truths and knowledge that the Essenes had, and the Templars later became guardians of. While they are in an altered state and a different vibrational frequency, they are not in the physical. That is why the treasures are not physically in the space under the castle. They are in chambers elsewhere that only can be reached by the adepts; those who have the knowledge of how to open the gateways and those who would be allowed to pass through, for there are indeed dimensional guardians there that would prevent just anyone from passing through to take the treasure. That is why so many who have tried have had negative experiences and some even have died in their attempts to enter into such chambers as the ones under Giza and the Sphinx indicated here, as well as other chambers hidden in different places around the world.
~Cosmic Awareness

In the Beginning… INDEX

How did we unconsciously create this reality? What thought patterns and words and behaviors led humanity to attracting this energy which is but an outer expression of their inner impressions and how can we transfigure these misqualified energies to be more aligned with the AllFather? I believe the problem is with us!

So you know how much I love this game now, right? I literally have not had this much fun in almost 2000 years and not since the Era of the Waring States in China. So after addressing the whole Kohveed1984 issue, and the fact it was a tailored weapon, and knowing how it was being used, and knowing they have more in the wings waiting, I come across this tidbit from a movie that basically describes exactly what I said they were doing and low and behold the new variant is a swine variant, the exact same they used in this movie, so I can guarantee this ‘second wave’ variant is indeed engineered, and will need the schematics for it to see how to deal with it, but trust me, this was well preplanned. ~ Read this and tell me this isn’t exactly what they are doing and the pathogen is indeed triggered by emf.~

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It’s looking increasingly likely that having blood type O might give you some protective effects against Covid-19, while blood type A may be linked to more severe illness from the virus.

A new European study involving 1,980 patients with Covid-19 revealed people with blood group A had a higher risk of catching coronavirus and developing severe symptoms than other blood groups. However, among those with blood group O, there appeared to be some form of “protective effect”.

Previous studies have shown similar findings. A preprint study of 2,173 patients with Covid-19 in China found people with blood group A were at a higher risk of contracting the disease, while people with blood group O had a lower risk of infection.

Another preprint study involving 1,559 coronavirus patients in New York found those with blood group A were 33% more likely to test positive for Covid-19 than other blood types, and those with O-negative and O-positive blood types were less likely to test positive.

Why might this be happening?

There are four main blood groups. These are:

  • Blood group A, which has A antigens on the red blood cells with anti-B antibodies in the plasma.
  • Blood group B, which has B antigens with anti-A antibodies in the plasma.
  • Blood group O, which has no antigens, but both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma.
  • Blood group AB, which has both A and B antigens, but no antibodies.

Previous research into other forms of coronavirus found that certain antibodies linked to blood group O helped to fight off the virus better than others.

“People have seen that O blood group people are likely to be more protected against Sars-CoV previously compared to people with A blood type,” explains Dr Sakthivel Vaiyapuri, associate professor in cardiovascular and venom pharmacology at the University of Reading. “This was suggested to occur due to the presence of anti-A and anti-B antibodies in people with O blood group.”

Doctors at a Hong Kong hospital reported that anti-A antibodies were able to inhibit, or even block, the binding of the virus to the host cell, which may provide some explanation as to why being in the O blood group could offer more protection.

Should people with blood type A be worried?

Dr Vaiyapuri says while the new study is high quality, it “does not provide strong evidence” that blood group type can lead to more severe Covid-19.

He pointed out that no one has so far reported that those with blood group O are 100% protected against the virus and those with blood group A are 100% susceptible. “Only a small percentage of protection/susceptibility clearly demonstrates that there are several other factors associated with this disease, and therefore further research is required to establish this link,” he says.

Professor Danny Altmann, from Imperial College London’s Department of Medicine, adds that in terms of the study, “there’s not much you can do in terms of behavioural change, knowing that you’re slightly higher or lower risk”. But he does say the findings “open doors to whole new directions for medical research and drug discovery to try and explain how the blood-group effect may be working”.

People with A blood group should not panic about these results, and at the same time, those in the O blood group should not be too relaxed about it, says Dr Vaiyapure. Everyone should continue to stick to the lockdown rules: social distancing, washing hands regularly, not touching your face when out in public and wearing face covers where social distancing isn’t possible.

He concludes: “Everyone should follow the guidelines provided by the health authorities and be extremely cautious to protect themselves and others around them.”

How do you find out what blood group you are?

If you are don’t already know what blood group you are, you can ask your GP – however you will only be able to find out if you’ve previously had a sample of blood taken and tested.

Failing that, you can find out your blood type if you give blood. People who already do this should have their blood type recorded on their official NHS Blood & Transplant donor card.https://compass.pressekompass.net/compasses/huffpostlifeuk/how-worried-are-you-about-a-second-wave–jHgN1g?embed=embed&paywall=anonymous