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Who are the 144k in the Bible?

People asked me to do a post on this again and I haven’t in some time. It’s in regards to the ‘Autism’ epidemic which is just that but it’s also a great deal of deception rolled into the agenda and you can tell because those working with various ‘Autism’ organizations have found out some are controlled by the Satanists and pure evil and being used as a weapon to cover their tracks basically, so let me explain to EVERYTHING you do not know about ‘AUTISM’ and since I possess BOTH versions I can assure you this is entirely accurate and like most topics I’m one of the top sources of information on this subject on Earth.

So let’s address what ‘Autism’ actually is/was before being intentionally mislabeled by design by the Satanic Jew Death Cult of Saturn / Satan. Originally names after Hans Asperger, German scientist who noticed specific traits in children that were very similar to his own neuropathology. As you know from dealing with me, A2- are the Aspies 93-97% of cases and I’m going to explain why and how it ties into the GodHead aka the A- and AB- skull structure possessing the Anatolian Anatomy only found in specific Nephilim hybrid blood lines. A2- Draco primarily have the minds of quantum computers if the genetic evolution triggers in their blood line which is basically Atavism returning the Draco to their former states BEFORE THE FALL OF ATLANTIS GRANTING THEM 4D INTELLIGENCE. So it’s a genetic mutation found in the pair of chromosomes that controls the intelligence and logic function in humanoids, and as a result, is dramatically increased in the Aspies primarily the A2- and/or AB- and this is caused by the axion spacing becoming greater in these hybrids and granting greater processing power of the mind. Now this is due entirely to the integration between the Draco temporal and the frontal lobe in Draco hybrids which is granting them complete dual brain function and if you check many of these Aspies are also ‘left handed’ which shows the right brain integration in an entirely once Left brained species, which is what the Satanic Draco are terrified of, because it grants the Sirian compassion of the right brain, which is dead against the Satanic mindset, which only knows Hatred, Wrath and Rage. Because of this issue, they used to beat the left handed children in schools to force them to stay in their cold hearted Left brain and tried to prevent a Luciferian from awakening at all costs, because the One Eyed-Kings are the ONLY ONES who are balanced and know the ultimate truths about this world which is what is granting them their genetic evolutionary path from having integrated with the other tribes.
Again this is against the original wishes of the Betrayers and why they are trying to destroy the Luciferians, because they know they are a threat to their control.

So back to Autism, I’m going to address the current epidemic which has nothing to do with Autism and was just mislabeled by the Death Cult to serve two primary functions a)you can now hide all the brain damaged / dead children behind a one known genetic mutation that augments intelligence and logic and claim the issues are entirely genetic and b) discredit all those with the true genetic mutation and simply put them in with a bunch of brain damaged children and put them on a spectrum so no one will listen to them and hate on them for being ‘Autistic’ basically. Which has happened. People are terrified of hearing the words ‘your child will likely be autistic or has autism.’ and that’s because currently, the label is being used to cover all the brain damaged children the death cult has been damaging and murdering and hoping that if the damage is severe enough, the parent will simply give the child back to the Satanic Predators who just destroyed them, allowing them to rape, kill and possibly eat them after the parents give them up willingly to the same ones who poisoned / damaged them to begin with. This is pure genius, because you can make shekels off killing the children of your enemies and have them do it willingly through the ‘medicines’ such as the vaccine bioweapons, destroy their minds so they have no chance of fighting back, and then get a free meal whilst you are at it. So when you ask me what kind of evil you are up against and dealing with, now you know. I can tell you all about the damage done and exactly what it does to the brain and possibly how to undo some of the damage the death cult has done to your child if they are indeed one of the damaged types. If they are an Aspie, you have no worries, jst protect them, because the Death Cult knows about us and they are fucking terrified of us, and your army of digital warriors behind the scenes are ALL Autistic rage addicts who have basically declared war against the death cult for their crimes against children and humanity in general. We are the Lightbringers, the Luciferians, and the Destroyers of everything that is unbalanced in this world, and if you get in our way, you are collateral damage, keep this in mind. Humans do not have the intelligence to fight against the Death Cult, which is why it was prophesized, THE GODS WOULD DESTROY EACH OTHER IN THE END OF DAYS, AND GUESS WHAT, TIMES UP HUMANS. SO my suggestion is find Dragons willing to fight for you and literally take on their own kind, because we are the only ones capable of doing it. Peace be with you my friends, war is far from over~

Decided to add this in, the Luciferians are the ones with the Seal upon their Foreheads and would not be harmed in the purge of the unbalanced, Tekel ~ “You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.”

For those unaware, Janus was the prototype model for the first Luciferians on Earth, and Yeshua was the Perfect One and AB-, Janus was A-.

Those with the Seal Upon their forehead would not be harmed~ 144,000 Sealed
…2And I saw another angel ascending from the east, with the seal of the living God. And he called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: 3“Do not harm the land or sea or trees until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants of our God.” 4And I heard the number of those who were sealed, 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel:…

The Law of One

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“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” (from session 4)

The Law of One material is a series of 106 conversations, called sessions, between Don Elkins, a professor of physics and UFO investigator, and Ra, speaking through Carla Rueckert. Ra states that it/they are a sixth-density social memory complex that formed on Venusabout 2.6 billion years ago. Ra says that they are “humble messengers of the Law of One” and that they previously tried to spread this message in Egypt with mixed results.

The material was channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984. It has been published in book form, and the books can be freely downloaded from L/L Research’s library or purchased from Amazon*. The methodology that L/L Research used to contact Ra is described in detail in the introduction to the original Book I. See the books page for more information about the books. The original audio recordings are also available, as are an audiobook* and text-to-speech renditions.  Audio information.

This website includes all of the questions and answers from the original books, as well as about 60 more questions and answers that were discovered in the Relistening Project. In 2018, L/L Research published The Ra Contact, a new version based on the Relistening Project.

This site was created and is maintained by Tobey Wheelock with permission from L/L Research to re-publish its copyrighted material.

The site is now also available in Czech and Swedish. (Works in progress.)

The Highs Boston (God Particle)

COINCIDENCE or NOT?? You decide…

The Higgs Boson(God Particle) is discovered July 4 2012…. You read that right….

This can EASILY explain the “Mandela effect” & events being changed & remembered differently in our timeline.

Did you also know that Niels Bohr was involved in the establishment of CERN?

I dont think its a ‘calendar’ as we’ve come to think… Have they created a simulation within a simulation using a super computer connecting them to the multiverse/quantum realm….???

Order of the Black Wheel Matrix

Conclave- Is our World a deception?

Old maps are concave earth maps. It has a hinge point connecting the two hemispheres. The longitude and latitude lines creates squares and these squares get smaller towards the center of each hemisphere denoting concavity. So what the controllers done is completely inverted the truth on us. They used the concave earth maps and made a convex sphere to put them on and called it a globe. This is the only logical way for them to pull off this level of deception. completely inverted the truth on us. They used the concave earth maps and made a convex sphere to put them on and called it a globe. This is the only logical way for them to pull off this level of deception.

Don’t wear the mask

I was in my bank today and the manager, a small woman who loves to strut around wielding her ‘power’ and clearly is not used to anyone pushing back on her ‘rules’, publicly and loudly admonished me because I was not wearing a mask. “You really need to wear a mask the next time you come in here”, she scolded me. “Didn’t you see our sign by the front door?”

I responded, publicly and loudly, “actually, there is no Law forcing me to wear a mask in this State, it is optional and you really can’t keep me from banking here when mask-wearing is a CDC ‘recommendation’ and not the Law.”
She reddened “well, our Governor ordered it.”
I responded “our Governor can not order people to wear a mask. An ‘order’ is not a Law, and he has no legal authority to mandate people to wear one, never mind it can endanger people’s lives by forcing them to re-inhale their expelled CO2 from a bacteria-filled, moist mask. So is your bank prepared for a lawsuit if someone who is elderly or asthmatic falls over dead from lack of oxygen? Because if that happens, I can assure you, people will sue.”

At that point she lowered her voice and said sheepishly, “well, I am doing what I am told because I want to keep my job.”
I said “I get that, but maybe you should educate yourself about how the laws work, how tiny viruses actually are (they pass through these ‘face coverings’ easily), how dangerous it can be re-breathe your exhaled CO2 all day long, and how life-threatening wearing a mask for prolonged periods could be to many health-compromised people who become oxygen-deprived. There is a reason children under the age of 2 do not need to wear masks and why my gym does not require anyone to wear a mask there. And then you might want to take that new knowledge you’ve gained back to your senior management of this bank for them to consider changing their “rules”. She nodded silently.

We all have a chance to educate people around us. It takes a little courage, especially when you are surrounded by obedient mask-wearers staring at you and you are the outlier. But who knows what other person in that bank heard the message and will go home and do some research vs. “just following orders”? If I reached just one person who starts questioning the faulty logic of these ‘orders’, then I made a difference. You can too. ❤

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

1. Read the Fine Print

Don’t sign contracts without triple-checking the fine print. Mercury wreaks havoc on communication, so make sure you know exactly what you’re signing or agreeing to before you do it. If something seems off, hold off and ask questions. And make sure to have plenty of backup material corroborating your actions. For example, if someone verbally agrees to something, follow up with a email to make sure there’s a paper trail and you both are on the same page.

2. Delay Digital Upgrades

Don’t buy new electronics. If you can avoid it, spring for a flatscreen or smartphone upgrade once Mercury moves to its next phase. Electronics are likely to go haywire anyway, so you might as well hang on to what you have until the planets have sorted themselves out.

3. Don’t Gossip

Don’t talk behind people’s backs. Ideally, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway! But you can pretty much be guaranteed that the person you’re talking about will hear you (or read the text, or see the email) in the next few weeks. Until retrograde season has passed, assume anything you say will be heard by pretty much everyone in your circle. Which is good practice and awareness for the rest of the year!

Things You Should Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

1. Just Say No

One benefit of Mercury in retrograde is that it brings back the past. In other words, it’s a great time to tie up loose ends with a past relationship, project, or idea. Since communication is affected by Mercury in retrograde, it’s also a great time to figure out exactly what you want to say, including what you stand for. Wishy-washy language won’t be tolerated—instead of saying “maybe” when you have no intention of doing something, just say no!

2. Back Up Important Documents

Do back things up. Ideally before

Mercury turns retrograde, make sure all important documents, photos, and other information is backed up. It’s also a good time to make sure that all your finances are in order, and address any discrepancies ASAP.

3. Finish Lingering Projects

Do tie up loose ends. Whether it’s finally doing a home improvement project or tackling a task you’ve been putting off at work, Mercury in retrograde is a great time to finally get to it. In fact, these few weeks are a bad time to start any new projects, so you may as well finish what you already have on your plate.

Someone asked me to o a post on Hitler and I have done them in the past and Fedbook doesn’t generally like them but as long as I stick to the facts and leave out the biases I should be, although I again, don’t hate on the Jews who have been just as much victims to these death cult freaks as the humans have. Many Jews were used as pawns by the Sabbatean-Frankist Synagogue of Satan / Saturn, I.E. Rothschild, Jesuits, Vatican, etc. For those that did not know this already, the Jesuits were founded by a Satanic Draco / Jew, Ignatius Loyola, from the Basque region which carries the Ashkenazic Satanic lines.
So that being said, I’m going to do a basic run down to prior to the war and then what took place step by step because EVERYTHING WAS PREPLANNED.

The Balfour Declaration was signed long before WW2, which became the basis and idea for the Transfer Agreement Hitler signed to send all the Jews in Germany to Palestine to steal it from the Palestinians and retake Babylon after destroying Germany, the home of Odin / Horus after the Titan Wars, which is where the hatred for the Pleaidian tribes stems from, because the Satanic Draco lost against the Atlanteans. So this is also a huge part of the reason they left this out of the history books, and that was to take revenge against their former rivals / friends even, and the humans alike.

Realistically it wasn’t too bad after the Titan War but after Enlil nuked Babylon, the Draco survivors swore to never again interbreed with the humans and sought nothing less than revenge against both the Gods and humans alike. Which is part of what we are seeing currently. So back to Hitler and him realizing the damage WW1 did to Germany, he wanted nothing more than to rebuild it and get rid of the traitors who basically sold Germany out after WW1. Hitler was half Pleaidian, half Yacobean and E1b1b and therefore part Satanic Jew blood lines. In realizing the secrets of the blood due to his extensive research into the occult, Hitler learned not only the secrets of the RH- blood, but who the true Hebrews were and who the Hebrew Jews were as well as who the fake Jews were, but by the time he realized, it was far too late. His entire campaign was to create a country solely for the Pleaidian tribes and the A1+ blood types, and expel everyone else pretty much, and he was in the process of doing this and retaking the country from Rothschild and the parasite banking cabal, and in doing so, invoked their wrath, which led to the boycott of German products by the Jews in America and them declaring war on Germany long before the camps were even thought of.

So let’s deal with what happened and what brought about the end of the war. When Hitler learned the secrets of everything and knew they would take him out for likely disobeying the agenda, he went slightly berserk and declared war on the Draco for their attempts to eradicate the Pleaidians, which he took personal due to being half Pleaidian. So one of the main attacks he led, that was left out of history purposely, was the attack on JESUIT STRONGHOLD IN THE BASQUE REGION WHICH IS WHERE THEIR HEADQUARTERS ARE, NOT THE VATICAN.
In his conquest he sought to free every country that was under the evil Draco / RH- control and most of the countries loved him for it, after they got rid of the parasitic Satanic Communists that infected their countries, the same ones who murder about 60 million Russian Christians, all Pleaidian/Sirian hybrids majority.

This is what they are doing as we speak in every major Pleaidian nation currently with their ‘tests’ aka the bioweapon they created that’s triggered by 5G which is the exact same method used during the ‘Spanish Flu’ which was mass vaccination / electrification that triggers the pathogen. So this was the major reason Hitler had no interest in fighting with the US, nor the UK, believing both were under ‘Pleaidian’ control, when that was farthest thing from the truth, and both were already under Satanic Draco / Jew aka Rothschild / Jesuits control.

Hitler did not genocide anyone, 271,000 died in the camps, no more and this was due to the Satanic Jew Churchill bombing German supplies envoys towards the end of the war to purposely starve the Jews in the camps, so at the end of the war they could go in with their cameras and say ‘Look at all this evil Hitler did.’ which is the exact same thing they did to attack Germany in the first place, and the was the Satanic Jew NKVD slaughtering Polish / Germans in Poland which caused Hitler to invade and try and save his people, and they blamed the atrocities on Hitler using their Satanic Jew controlled media and then counter attacked and destroyed Germany. So the Satanic Draco controllers, retook Babylon, murdered millions of Pleaidians, persecuted hundreds of thousands of likely somewhat decent Jews by comparison to the Aske’NAZI’ Satanists aka the Levitic Order / Caananite / etc. All from the original 22 Betrayer Blood Lines.

SO that’s a basic run down on WW2 leading up to and the end result and the major events and what actually took place. Hitler was used as a pawn and figured it out, but learned too late and was up against an enemy he had no idea, how much control and power the ‘Draco / RH-‘ had, and why many are still confused because when Hitler saw ‘White’ people, they were actually Draco and he didn’t know it until it he learned the secrets of the blood, leading to his insanity and expelling everyone not of the A1+ or at least containing the A1+ gene and the retaliation of the Draco El-ites who had been using him as a pawn. As you know there are many recessive carriers and hybrids that would also carry this gene and they were given special status under Hitler as so not to be harmed by any of his men / programs. SO to finalize, WW2 was Hitler’s personal quest to save the Pleaidians from being eradicated by the Satanic Jew Death Cult of Saturn aka Loki, Moloch, Satan, Dionysus, Bacchus, etc and he failed. He was one of the only people that knew that the ‘African Americans’ aka the Negros were the old Sumerian Royalty and actually Hebrews, not Africans. Hope this clarifies things, because people continuously fail to realize that every aspect of human suffering throughout history is due to the Draco, but the reverse is also truth. Every aspect of technology and progression you are currently using and experiencing in daily life, is due to Draco advancements in technology, much of which is still being hidden from the humans currently after they stole it all from Tesla and Hitler to begin with. ~

Good vs Evil plus right brain/left brain

I’m going to take the time to explain something since I was asked this and realistically didn’t feel like spending the energy at the time explaining it, so now I’m going to and it ties into the Satanic Death Cult and the Sabbatean-Frankist Empire.

For those unaware of this till, your brain represents the two energies of male and female, Left/Right hemispheres in the brain. That being said, the ‘Left’ is the one of Severity, meaning the Left Brain knows no emotion and only cold facts and logic, and why you will hear Ben Shapiro the Shill, use the expression, ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings’ and that is truth. The reverse is also truth, the Right bring the one of Mercy and is highly emotional. Consider them the connections of the Mind / Soul whilst the ‘Middle Way’ or rather center pillar of the ‘Body’.

As you know I have stated countless times, that all of the problems of this world are due to energy imbalances. The Satanic Death Cult founded by Sabbatai Levi, and this entire purpose behind what he did, was simply look at the Kabbalah and realize the energy imbalance and decided to play the Devil’s Advocate so to speak because most of humanity was entirely Right Brained ‘Right Hand Path’ etc. Meaning they were the ones of Mercy and Severity is designed to balance Mercy and I’m going to explain why and the very reason that Severity exists.

When the AllFather first tried to create Humanity or rather the first attempt to build a balanced species in this part of the galaxy, he actually started on a now forgotten planet that was destroyed a very long time ago. It was called Maldek, and the Earth was once Saturn’s moon and Mars was on the other side of Jupiter. The AllFather rearranged a few things after the Maldek Project failed. Maldek was one a beautiful world like Earth in many regards although a much higher vibration, I believe 5th dimensional or possibly 6th similar to the former Earth before the Fall of Atlantis. Here’s what happened. He created a Perfect World for the inhabitants, and it was serene, calm, peaceful and perfect in every way shape and form, and utter bliss was all the people knew and understood. As a result, the inhabitants grew lazy, decadent, spoiled, and simply started to breed themselves out of existence by reproducing like rabbits because all they had in their lives was shiny happy thoughts and really didn’t have much better to do than mate all day long. When the AllFather realized his mistake, he destroyed Maldek and it’s inhabitants along with it and simply recollected the energy to start over and try again but this time he wouldn’t make that mistake, he would make sure there was pain, suffering, hardship, adversity to throw in the path of the merciful so they would no longer, simply sit around all day and do nothing but eat, shit, and fuck which is basically what a majority of humanity does currently which is why they are literally devolving and I just saw a post that shows that the average IQ in the US has dropped over 15 points in the last few years, and this is due to the mass poisoning and lack of learning by Americans for the exact reasons I listed above. America is literally the Whore of Babylon.

So that being said, if you ask me why rape, murder, etc exists, now you know and why the Satanic Draco or rather all the events on Earth have taken place as they have. People only ever see one side of things because they often lack half the brain function and are therefore primitive and ‘narrow minded’ meaning they are ‘one track minds’ literally and missing the genetics of the other tribes. So when it comes to Severity and Mercy, one is meant to balance the other until they meet and finally create a balanced hybrid and yes, if you have never thought about this, do so. You take a completely harmless right brained female of the Sirian tribes that is raped by some Satanic Left brained Draco, think what happens to their offspring who becomes not one or the other, but both as a result and better balanced than EITHER OF THE TWO THAT CREATED IT because they now possess the genetics of both of the two tribes. When you think about what was done on Earth, it was simply tossing a bunch of different vibrations in a pot, hoping they could become a song that can perform in harmony so to speak and not one race is better than another and each one is simply a component in creating a vessel on par with those of the highest heavens by creating the dual toroidal energy vortex system using both the positive and negative ones from the humans and Draco possessing the Cursed Mark.

So, let’s address something else, negative energy does not mean evil, it simply means negative energy and those who are Draco know it all too well, so that being said, can it be used for good? Yes, and is all too often and people fail to recognize it. When a Draco sees something inferior or less than perfect, they simply want to destroy it and make it perfect, or figure out a way of making it perfect without destroying it, but that generally takes longer and Draco have no patience per se, so it’s usually easier to destroy. Think of all the old archaic out of date technologies we are using and even all our current structures. This world needs to be rebuilt from he ground up, so what comes before rebuilding? DEMOLITION. BLOWING SHIT UP TO REBUILD AND MAKE IT BETTER, IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF WHAT NEGATIVE ENERGY WAS MEANT TO BE USED FOR. It’s also designed to keep Mercy in check and stop it from being selfish by using better Judgement of the Pleaidians or the Logic of the Draco. It can also be used for fun, such as dark comedy or making fun of your friend after they stub their toe which will often lead to a ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ and both of you laughing. Intent determines a great deal and generally I only use negative energy for one of two things, either correcting those who are too merciful or simply using as a weapon against those who are too egocentric and stuck in the middle without seeing the left / right and it’s great against Satanic shills, since they are all lying cowards and when Severity meets itself, the Greater of the Two always wins~

Boaz and Jachin, Severity and Mercy, and only those who follow the ‘Middle Way’ are truly balanced, but they must not forget that to follow the Middle Way, you must look both ways before you cross the street ~