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Brilliant Toy Organization Ideas

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A S C E N S I O N 1 0 1 : The ‘Galactics’.
The Old Souls And The Adepts (Series).
The ELOHIM’s Timelines (Series).


This is what I am discovering about human reality (as I write this, I am grounding my discoveries into the collective consciousness), that most people are only asleep due to a lack of enthusiasm for the Self. The lack of awareness in general, is what is causing the human slumber.

Many are the results of the societal propaganda, programming and brainwashing. Especially since the technology of electronic transmission (mostly the television), the average human has the IQ of a ‘nutjob’ giving the fact that everything in society is meant to keep the population spiritually and mentally incapacitated. A society that values facts (fabricated lies by monopolisation) than actual truths. A society that encourages ignorance through compliance than awareness of self through self discovery and realisation.

Enough of this basic descriptions, since it only takes away focus from the discovery of solutions to the darkness that plagues human society.

What I have discovered is that as long as there’s still light left on in the world, there’s still fight left in the world. As long as there’s still light-workers and light-warriors amongst the population, then there’s still hope. The darkness has no victory. By victory, I meant total human subjugation. By consciously engaging reality through these scenarios with the sleepers, one automatically transcend what appears to be the plague of ignorance. The sleepers appears unconscious most times, but the awakened sees through the lies and illusions.
By appearing consciously in every moment, one is able to stay uninfected.

By consciously choosing love (Love of Self, love of others, love of life) over fear, one is able to experience the duality without being a victim of this reality.

One observer is a victim, while the other is pure awareness.

Be that awareness.

May the joy of knowing yourself be with you always.

Eternal peace.


WeaverPublished onFri 31 Jul 2020 12.03 EDT


The sex offender Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to gather incriminating material against Prince Andrew by forcing an underage girl to have sex with him, according to newly released court documents.

The papers released by a court in New York say the alleged encounter took place on the late US financier’s private island in the US Virgin Islands. A document claims Epstein instructed the girl, referred to as Jane Doe #3, but known to be Virginia Roberts Giuffre, to “give the prince whatever he demanded and report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse”.

Epstein allegedly sexually trafficked the girl to powerful people to “ingratiate himself with them for business, personal, political and financial gain, as well as to obtain potential blackmail information”. They included “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.”Advertisement

The papers, part of prior litigation, also contain the claim that Andrew tried to lobby the US on behalf of Epstein to help secure a “favourable plea arrangement”.

The papers are part of a 2015 civil court battle between Epstein and his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, and Giuffre, now 36, who accused the couple of sexual abuse. She also claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, which he vehemently denies.

The papers were released after a judge rejected an attempt by Maxwell’s lawyers to keep them secret. A friend of Prince Andrew said: “The US federal appeals court said in 2019 these allegations should be treated with ‘extreme caution’. Allegations are not the same as facts, which is the essential premise on which justice works. Let’s see if these allegations stand up, because precious few about the duke do – where’s the proof?”

On the lobbying claim, the friend added: “This allegation is a straightforward untruth. No ifs, no buts.”

Lawyers for two other alleged victims in the 2015 civil case, referred to as Jane Doe #1 and #2, requested the release of documents showing the alleged lobbying by the Prince.Advertisement

Court case public- Maxwell

Click to access gov.uscourts.nysd.447706.1.0_7.pdf

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 1 of 12
Defendant. ____________________/
United States District Court Southern District of New York
CASE NO:_________
Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP 575 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 446-2300

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 2 of 12
Plaintiff, VIRGINIA L. GIUFFRE, formerly known as Virginia Roberts (“Giuffre”), for her Complaint against Defendant, GHISLAINE MAXWELL (“Maxwell”), avers upon personal knowledge as to her own acts and status and otherwise upon information and belief:

  1. This suit arises out of Defendant Maxwell’s defamatory statements against Plaintiff Giuffre. As described below, Giuffre was a victim of sexual trafficking and abuse while she was a minor child. Defendant Maxwell not only facilitated that sexual abuse but, most recently, wrongfully subjected Giuffre to public ridicule, contempt and disgrace by, among other things, calling Giuffre a liar in published statements with the malicious intent of discrediting and further damaging Giuffre worldwide.
  2. This is an action for damages in an amount in excess of the minimum jurisdictional limits of this Court.
  3. This Court has jurisdiction over this dispute pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1332 (diversity jurisdiction) as Giuffre and Maxwell are citizens of different states and the amount in controversy exceeds seventy-five thousand ($75,000), exclusive of interest and costs.
  4. This Court has personal jurisdiction over Maxwell. Maxwell resides in New York City, and this action arose, and defamatory statements were made, within the Southern District of New York.
  5. Venue is proper in this Court as the cause of action arose within the jurisdiction of this Court.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 3 of 12

  1. Plaintiff Giuffre is an individual who is a citizen of the State of Colorado.
  2. Defendant Maxwell, who is domiciled in the Southern District of New York, is not a citizen of the state of Colorado.
  3. Virginia Giuffre became a victim of sex trafficking and repeated sexual abuse after being recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein when Giuffre was under the age of eighteen.
  4. Between 1999 and 2002, with the assistance and participation of Maxwell, Epstein sexually abused Giuffre at numerous locations including his mansions in West Palm Beach, Florida, and in this District. Between 2001 and 2007, with the assistance of numerous co-conspirators, Epstein abused more than thirty (30) minor underage girls, a fact confirmed by state and federal law enforcement.
  5. As part of their sex trafficking efforts, Epstein and Maxwell intimidated Giuffre into remaining silent about what had happened to her.
  6. In September 2007, Epstein entered into a Non-Prosecution Agreement (“NPA”) that barred his prosecution for numerous federal sex crimes in the Southern District of Florida.
  7. In the NPA, the United States additionally agreed that it would not institute any federal criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein.
  8. As a co-conspirator of Epstein, Maxwell was consequently granted immunity in the Southern District of Florida through the NPA.
  9. Epstein ultimately pled guilty to procuring a minor for prostitution, and is now a registered sex offender.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 4 of 12

  1. Rather than confer with the victims about the NPA, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Epstein agreed to a “confidentiality” provision in the Agreement barring its disclosure to anyone—including Epstein’s victims. As a consequence, the victims were not told about the NPA.
  2. On July 7, 2008, a young woman identified as Jane Doe No. 1, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims (other than Giuffre), filed a petition to enforce her rights under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (“CVRA”), 18 U.S.C. ¶ 3771, alleging that the Government failed to provide her the rights promised in the CVRA with regard to the plea arrangement with Epstein. The litigation remains ongoing.
  3. On or about May 4, 2009, Virginia Giuffre—identified then as Jane Doe No. 102—filed a complaint against Jeffrey Epstein in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The complaint included allegations made by Giuffre that pertained to Maxwell.
  4. In pertinent part, the Jane Doe No. 102 complaint described in detail how Maxwell recruited Giuffre (who was then a minor girl) to become a victim of sex trafficking by introducing Giuffre to Jeffrey Epstein. With the assistance of Maxwell, Epstein was able to sexually abuse Giuffre for years until Giuffre eventually escaped.
  5. The Jane Doe No. 102 complaint contained the first public allegations made on behalf of Giuffre regarding Maxwell.
  6. As civil litigation against Epstein moved forward on behalf of Giuffre and many other similarly-situated victims, Maxwell was served with a subpoena for deposition. Her testimony was sought concerning her personal knowledge and role in Epstein’s abuse of Giuffre and others.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 5 of 12

  1. To avoid her deposition, Maxwell claimed that her mother fell deathly ill and that consequently she was leaving the United States for London with no plans of ever returning. In fact, however, within weeks of using that excuse to avoid testifying, Maxwell had returned to New York.
  2. In 2011, two FBI agents located Giuffre in Australia—where she had been hiding from Epstein and Maxwell for several years—and arranged to meet with her at the U.S. Consulate in Sidney. Giuffre provided truthful and accurate information to the FBI about Epstein and Maxwell’s sexual abuse.
  3. Ultimately, as a mother and one of Epstein’s many victims, Giuffre believed that she should speak out about her sexual abuse experiences in hopes of helping others who had also suffered from sexual trafficking and abuse.
  4. On December 23, 2014, Giuffre incorporated an organization called Victims Refuse Silence, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation.
  5. Giuffre intended Victims Refuse Silence to change and improve the fight against sexual abuse and human trafficking. The goal of her organization was, and continues to be, to help survivors surmount the shame, silence, and intimidation typically experienced by victims of sexual abuse. Giuffre has now dedicated her professional life to helping victims of sex trafficking.
  6. On December 30, 2014, Giuffre moved to join the on-going litigation previously filed by Jane Doe 1 in the Southern District of Florida challenging Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement by filing her own joinder motion.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 6 of 12

  1. Giuffre’s motion described Maxwell’s role as one of the main women who Epstein used to procure under-aged girls for sexual activities and a primary co-conspirator and participant in his sexual abuse and sex trafficking scheme.
  2. In January, 2015, Maxwell undertook a concerted and malicious campaign to discredit Giuffre and to so damage her reputation that Giuffre’s factual reporting of what had happened to her would not be credited.
  3. As part of Maxwell’s campaign she directed her agent, Ross Gow, to attack Giuffre’s honesty and truthfulness and to accuse Giuffre of lying.
  4. On or about January 3, 2015, speaking through her authorized agent, Maxwell issued an additional false statement to the media and public designed to maliciously discredit Giuffre. That statement contained the following deliberate falsehoods:
    (a) That Giuffre’s sworn allegations “against Ghislaine Maxwell are untrue.”
    (b) That the allegations have been “shown to be untrue.”
    (c) That Giuffre’s “claims are obvious lies.”
  5. Maxwell’s January 3, 2015, statement incorporated by reference “Ghislaine Maxwell’s original response to the lies and defamatory claims remains the same,” an earlier statement that had falsely described Giuffre’s factual assertions as “entirely false” and “entirely untrue.”
  6. Maxwell made the same false and defamatory statements as set forth above, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere in a deliberate effort to maliciously discredit Giuffre and silence her efforts to expose sex crimes committed around the world by Maxwell, Epstein, and other powerful persons. Maxwell did so with the purpose and effect of having

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 7 of 12
others repeat such false and defamatory statements and thereby further damaged Giuffre’s reputation.

  1. Maxwell made her statements to discredit Giuffre in close consultation with Epstein. Maxwell made her statements knowing full well they were false.
  2. Maxwell made her statements maliciously as part of an effort to conceal sex trafficking crimes committed around the world by Maxwell, Epstein and other powerful persons.
  3. Maxwell intended her false and defamatory statements set out above to be broadcast around the world and to intimidate and silence Giuffre from making further efforts to expose sex crimes committed by Maxwell, Epstein, and other powerful persons.
  4. Maxwell intended her false statements to be specific statements of fact, including a statement that she had not recruited an underage Giuffre for Epstein’s abuse. Maxwell’s false statements were broadcast around the world and were reasonably understood by those who heard them to be specific factual claims by Maxwell that she had not helped Epstein recruit or sexually abuse Giuffre and that Giuffre was a liar.
  5. On or about January 4, 2015, Maxwell continued her campaign to falsely and maliciously discredit Giuffre. When a reporter on a Manhattan street asked Maxwell about Giuffre’s allegations against Maxwell, she responded by saying: “I am referring to the statement that we made.” The New York Daily News published a video of this response by Maxwell indicating that she made her false statements on East 65th Street in Manhattan, New York, within the Southern District of New York.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 8 of 12

  1. Plaintiff Giuffre re-alleges paragraphs 1 – 37 as if the same were fully set forth herein. Maxwell made her false and defamatory statements deliberately and maliciously with the intent to intimidate, discredit and defame Giuffre.
  2. In January 2015, and thereafter, Maxwell intentionally and maliciously released to the press her false statements about Giuffre in an attempt to destroy Giuffre’s reputation and cause her to lose all credibility in her efforts to help victims of sex trafficking.
  3. Maxwell additionally released to the press her false statements with knowledge that her words would dilute, discredit and neutralize Giuffre’s public and private messages to sexual abuse victims and ultimately prevent Giuffre from effectively providing assistance and advocacy on behalf of other victims of sex trafficking, or to expose her abusers.
  4. Using her role as a powerful figure with powerful friends, Maxwell’s statements were published internationally for the malicious purpose of further damaging a sexual abuse and sexual trafficking victim; to destroy Giuffre’s reputation and credibility; to cause the world to disbelieve Giuffre; and to destroy Giuffre’s efforts to use her experience to help others suffering as sex trafficking victims.
  5. Maxwell, personally and through her authorized agent, Ross Gow, intentionally and maliciously made false and damaging statements of fact concerning Giuffre, as detailed above, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere.
  6. The false statements made by Gow were all made by him as Maxwell’s authorized agent and were made with direct and actual authority from Maxwell as the principal.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 9 of 12

  1. The false statements that Maxwell made personally, and through her authorized agent Gow, not only called Giuffre’s truthfulness and integrity into question, but also exposed Giuffre to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, and disgrace.
  2. Maxwell made her false statements knowing full well that they were completely false. Accordingly, she made her statements with actual and deliberate malice, the highest degree of awareness of falsity.
  3. Maxwell’s false statements constitute libel, as she knew that they were going to be transmitted in writing, widely disseminated on the internet and in print. Maxwell intended her false statements to be published by newspaper and other media outlets internationally, and they were, in fact, published globally, including within the Southern District of New York.
  4. Maxwell’s false statements constitute libel per se inasmuch as they exposed Giuffre to public contempt, ridicule, aversion, and disgrace, and induced an evil opinion of her in the minds of right-thinking persons.
  5. Maxwell’s false statements also constitute libel per se inasmuch as they tended to injure Giuffre in her professional capacity as the president of a non-profit corporation designed to help victims of sex trafficking, and inasmuch as they destroyed her credibility and reputation among members of the community that seeks her help and that she seeks to serve.
  6. Maxwell’s false statements directly stated and also implied that in speaking out against sex trafficking Giuffre acted with fraud, dishonesty, and unfitness for the task. Maxwell’s false statements directly and indirectly indicate that Giuffre lied about being recruited by Maxwell and sexually abused by Epstein and Maxwell. Maxwell’s false statements were reasonably understood by many persons who read her statements as conveying that specific intention and meaning.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 10 of 12

  1. Maxwell’s false statements were reasonably understood by many persons who read those statements as making specific factual claims that Giuffre was lying about specific facts.
  2. Maxwell specifically directed her false statements at Giuffre’s true public description of factual events, and many persons who read Maxwell’s statements reasonably understood that those statements referred directly to Giuffre’s account of her life as a young teenager with Maxwell and Epstein.
  3. Maxwell intended her false statements to be widely published and disseminated on television, through newspapers, by word of mouth and on the internet. As intended by Maxwell, her statements were published and disseminated around the world.
  4. Maxwell coordinated her false statements with other media efforts made by Epstein and other powerful persons acting as Epstein’s representatives and surrogates. Maxwell made and coordinated her statements in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere with the specific intent to amplify the defamatory effect those statements would have on Giuffre’s reputation and credibility.
  5. Maxwell made her false statements both directly and through agents who, with her general and specific authorization, adopted, distributed, and published the false statements on Maxwell’s behalf. In addition, Maxwell and her authorized agents made false statements in reckless disregard of their truth or falsity and with malicious intent to destroy Giuffre’s reputation and credibility; to prevent her from further disseminating her life story; and to cause persons hearing or reading Giuffre’s descriptions of truthful facts to disbelieve her entirely. Maxwell made her false statements wantonly and with the specific intent to maliciously damage Giuffre’s good name and reputation in a way that would destroy her efforts to administer her

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 11 of 12
non-profit foundation, or share her life story, and thereby help others who have suffered from sexual abuse.

  1. As a result of Maxwell’s campaign to spread false, discrediting and defamatory statements about Giuffre, Giuffre suffered substantial damages in an amount to be proven at trial. 19. Maxwell’s false statements have caused, and continue to cause, Giuffre economic
    damage, psychological pain and suffering, mental anguish and emotional distress, and other direct and consequential damages and losses.
  2. Maxwell’s campaign to spread her false statements internationally was unusual and particularly egregious conduct. Maxwell sexually abused Giuffre and helped Epstein to sexually abuse Giuffre, and then, in order to avoid having these crimes discovered, Maxwell wantonly and maliciously set out to falsely accuse, defame, and discredit Giuffre. In so doing, Maxwell’s efforts constituted a public wrong by deterring, damaging, and setting back Giuffre’s efforts to help victims of sex trafficking. Accordingly, this is a case in which exemplary and punitive damages are appropriate.
  3. Punitive and exemplary damages are necessary in this case to deter Maxwell and others from wantonly and maliciously using a campaign of lies to discredit Giuffre and other victims of sex trafficking.
    WHEREFORE, Plaintiff Giuffre respectfully requests judgment against Defendant Maxwell, awarding compensatory, consequential, exemplary, and punitive damages in an amount to be determined at trial, but in excess of the $75,000 jurisdictional requirement; costs of suit; attorneys’ fees; and such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.

Case 1:15-cv-07433-LAP Document 1 Filed 09/21/15 Page 12 of 12
Plaintiff hereby demands a trial by jury on all causes of action asserted within this pleading.
Dated September 21, 2015.
/s/ David Boies
David Boies
Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP 333 Main Street
Armonk, NY 10504
/s/ Sigrid McCawley
Sigrid McCawley
(Pro Hac Vice Pending)
Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP 401 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 1200 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 356-0011
/s/ Ellen Brockman
Ellen Brockman
Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP 575 Lexington Ave
New York, New York 10022 (212) 446-2300

Maxwell files released

“Here it is 👇🏻From the Maxwell files that were released:

Compiled list of names from Epsteins Island flight logs..GB (Businessman) first 200 pages of 2K.

● Huma Aberdin
● Laura Silsby
● Rachel Chandler
● Jeffrey Epstein
● Ghislaine Maxwell
● John Podesta
● Michael Podesta
● James Alefantis
● Anthony Wiener
● Leslie Wexner (Limited Inc Chairman)
● Herbert Strauss
● Isidor Strauss
● Martin A. Nowak
● Steven Spielberg
● Edgar Bronfman Sr. (Seagram Chairman)
● Charles Bronfman (Seagram Co)
● Michael Steinhardt (former hedge-fund manager)
● Sara Bronfman
● Clare Bronfman
● Niles Lehman (Professor at Portland State University)
● Seth Roger
● Ruth Ginsberg
● Alison Mack
● Robert Maxwell
● Wendi Murdoch
● Jonathan Cheban
● Naomi Campbell
● Maximiliam Chow
● Val Kilmer
● Marina Abramovic


● Steven Spielberg
● Michael Jackson
● Kevin Spacey

● Alison Mac
● Marc Collins-Rector (Founder of Den)
● Chad Shackley
● Brock Pierce
● David Geffen
● Tom Hanks
● Dustin Hoffman
● Andrew Kreisberg (American television writer, producer)
● Bryan Singer
● Harvey Weinstein
● Bob Weinstein
● Roman Polanski
● Ruma Hazard
● Charlie Sheen
● Madonna
● Kate Perry
● Miley Cyrus
● Errol Flynn
● Billy Graham
● Walt Disney
● Michael Laney (Former Walt Disney vice president)
● James Gunn (Disney)


● Heidi Fleiss
● Jeffrey Epstein


● Alison Mack
● Stormy Daniels
● Rachel Chandler
● Ghislaine Maxwell


● Ghislaine Maxwell
● Chris Tucker
● Larry Summers
● Lisa Summers
● Bill Murray
● Bill Hammond
● Ehud Barak
● Andrés Pastrana (Former President of Colombia 1998-2002)
● Jean Luc Brunel
● Doug Band
● Ron Burkle
● Woody Allen
● Sarah Kellen
● Ray Barzanna
● Sandy Burger
● Andrea Mitrovitch
● Peter Marino
● Shelley Lewis
● Paul Hala(t) (d) a
● Richardo Legoretta
● Tom Pritzker
● Kelly Spamm
● Tiffany Gramza
● Claire Hazel
● Paula Epstein
● Mark Epstein
● Ralph Elison
● Sophie Biddle
● Audrey Raimbault
● Shelley Harrison
● Melinda Luntz
● Gwendolyn Beck
● Albert Pinto
● Linda Pinto
● Gary Roxburgh
● Mandy Elison
● Jean Michelle Gathy
● Virginia Roberts
● Kristy Rodgers (Kristina Real Rodgers)
● Greg Holbert
● Alyssa Rodgers
● Juliette Bryant
● Heather Mann
● Ed Tuttle
● Glen Dubin
● Ellen Spencer
● Chris Wagner
● Casey Wasserman
● Laura Wasserman
● Paul Mellon
● Oliver Sachs
● Henry Rosovsky
● Lynn Forester (de Rothschild)
● Joe Pagano
● Naomi Campbell
● Nicole Junkermann
● Rodney Slater
● Magali Blachon (Deperrier)
● Svetlana Griaznova
● Emmy Tayler
● Larry Visoski
● Teala Davies
● Juan (Pablo) Molyneux
● Freya Willemoes) Wissing
● Adam Perry Lang
● Fleur Perry Lang
● Caren Casey
● Hank Coller
● Cindy Lopez
● Mark Lloyd
● Alan Dershowitz
● Seth Green
● James Gunn
● Steven Spielberg
● Tom Hanks
● Steven Colbert
● Jimmy Kimmel
● Barack Obama
● Kevin Spacey
● Kathy Griffin
● Oprah Winfrey
● Shawn Carter
● Beyoncé Knowles
● Anthony Kiedis
● John Legend
● Chrissy Tiegen
● Jim Carrey
● Steven Tyler
● Ben Affleck
● Stephen Collins
● Will Ferrell
● Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)
● Marshall Matters
● Jeffrey Jones
● Victor Salva
● Mark Collins Rector
● Charlie Sheen
● Tyler Grasham
● Madonna Ciccone
● Katheryn Hudson
● Gwen Stefani
● Stefani Germanotta
● James Franco
● Will Smith
● Justin Roland
● John Cusack
● Anderson Cooper
● Demi Moore
● Brian Affleck
● Meryl Streep
● Wanda Sykes
● Chelsea Handler
● Michelle Wolf
● David Yarovesky
● Pharrell Williams
● Quentin Tarantino
● Courtney Love
● Alec Baldwin
● Robert Downey Jr.
● Disney Corporation (Offering kids “scuba-diving” trips, to the Epstein Island)

● Bill Clinton took a helicopter with Maxwell and Epstein”

Cures discovery

UnitedStatesPatent (19) Antelman
75 Inventor: MarvinS.Antelman,Rehovot,Israel 73) Assignee:AntelmanTechnologiesLtd.,
21 Appl.No.:658,955 pp 9.
22 Filed: May31,1996 RelatedU.S.ApplicationData
1 PatentNumber: 5,676,977 45 DateofPatent: Oct.14,1997
5,336,499 8/1994Antelman.424/405 5,571,520 11/1996Antelman.424/618
“IsTheAIDSVirusAScienceFiction?”byPeterH.Dues bergandBryanJ.Elison,PolicyReview,Summer190,p.
PrimaryExaminer-AmyHulina Atorney,Agent,orFirm-Salter& Michaelson
vertetroxide(AgO)isutilizedfordestroyingtheAIDS virus,destroyingAIDSsynergisticpathogensandimmunity
63 Continuation-in-partofSer.No.310,859,Sep.2,194, Suppressingmoieties(ISM)inhumans. abandoned.
Int.Cl…. 8Asingleintravenousinjectionofthedevicesisalthatis E. U.S. 424s: requiredforeficacyatlevelsofabout40PPMofhuman
58 Fiid fsearch—————42.68.514/495 blood.Thedevicemolecularcrystalcontainstwomonoand
58 FieldofSearch. s 56) ReferencesCited
ofelectrocutingtheAIDSvirus,pathogensandISM.When administeredintothebloodstream,thedeviceelectronswil betrigeredbypathogens,aproliferatingvirusandISM. andwhenfiredwilsimultaneouslytrigeraredoxchelation

  1. A.S.seasowashowwowadai: mechanismresultingindivalentsilvermoietieswhichche
    4952,411 8/1990Fox,Jr.etal.
    5,073,38212/1991Antelman. 5,078,902 1/1992Antelman. 5,089,275 2/1992Antelman.
    5,211,855 5/1993Antelman.
    5,23,149 6/193Antelman.424/618 3Claims,NoDrawings

.424f618 lateandbindactivesitesoftheentitiesdestroyingthem.The w424/604 devicesarecompletelynon-toxic.However,theyputstres .424/618 onthelivercausinghepatomegaly,butthereisnolosof

.424/602 liverfunction.

Tetrasil.Thesetwogroupsaccountforapproximatelyone thirdofAIDS cases. *TrademarkofHolipharmCorporation(ofIsrael)forAgO,
Stedman’sMedicalDictionary(Wiliams& Wilken’s
AIDSvirus(HIV);soastorestoretheimmunesystem. Thepresentinventionisbasedonconceptspreviously
andstilbeHIV negative,andthusrestoretheimmune
Thisaplicationisacontinuation-in-partofpatentapli- 5 26thEd.,1995)defineswastingsyndrome”asaconditionof cationSer.No.08/310,859filedSep.2,194,nowaban 10%weightlosinconjunctionwithdiarheaorfever…
AssociatedwithAIDS(p.174).” OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION
Thepresentinventionrelatestotheemploymentof10 Themainobjectoftheinventionistoprovidefora molecularcrystalsasanti-AIDSdevices,butmoreparticu molecularscaledeviceofasingletetrasilvertetroxide larlytothemolecularcrystalsemiconductortetrasilver crystalinemoleculecapableofrestoringtheimmunityof tetroxideAgOwhichhastwomonovalentandtwotriva AIDSaflictedhumansofthetwoAIDSetiological lentsilverionspermolecule,andwhichthroughthisstruc subgroups,candidiasisandwastingsyndrome. turalconfigurationenablesintermolecularelectrontransfer15 Anotherobjectoftheinventionistoprovideforimmunity capableofkilingvirusesandbindingthemtotheresulting
silverentitysothata singleintravenousinjectionwil
completelyobliterateacquiredimmunedeficiencysyndrome AnotherobjectofthisinventionistodestroyISM in
(ADS)inhumans.Furthermore,saiddevicesarecapableof humansmanifestingAIDSdiseasesofsaidAIDSetiological kilingpathogensandpurgingthebloodstreamofimmune20 subgroupsirespectiveastowhethersaidISMwasHTV
suppressingmoieties(ISM)whetherornotcreatedbythe induced,sinceitisknownthathumansmaymanifestAIDS
systeminsaidhumans. elucidatedinaplicant’sU.S.Pat.No.5,36,49which AnotherobjectofthisinventionistodestroytheAIDS
andtheAIDSvirusinnutrientlifesuportingsystemsby humans.
disclosesthat18PPM ofsaidcrystaldevicescouldtotaly SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION
filingoftheaforementionedpatent,furthertestingrevealed30 Thisinventionrelatestoamolecularscaledevicenotonly
complete100%destructionoftheAIDSvirusinvitroat20 capableofdestroyingtheAIDSvirus,butofpurgingthe PPM,andthefactthatsaiddeviceswereharmlesswhen humanbloodstreamofpathogensandrestoringimmunityto
ingestedandinhaled,beingnon-toxic. AIDSpatientsofthecandidiasisandwastingsyndrome Encouragedbytheseevaluationsandsuceses,aplicant categories.Saidmoleculardeviceconsistsofasinglecrystal
obtainedpermissiontoevaluatethecrystalsinvitroagainst35 oftetrasilvertetroxide(AgO).Thecrystallaticeofthis murineacquiredimmunedeficiencysyndrome(MAIDS). moleculehasauniquestructuresinceitisadiamagnetic
OnlyonefacilityintheStateofIsraelislicensedforthese semiconductingcrystalcontainingtwomonoandtwotriva evaluations,namely,theKaplanHospitalinRehovot,Israel, lentsilverions,whichinefectarecapableof”firing” whichisafiliatedwiththeHebrewUniversity-Hadasah electronsundercertainconditionswhichwildestroyAIDS MedicalSchoolwheresaidevaluationsweredone. viruses,otherpathogensandimmuneSuppressingmoieties
Theinitialevaluationsentailedexperimentingwithvari (ISM),notonlythroughtheelectrocutionmode,butalsoby oussilvermoietiescitedinaplicant’saforementioned abindingprocesswhichoccurssimultaneouslywithelectron
patent,concentrations,non-reactivebufersandmodesof firing,namely,bindingandchelationofdivalentsilver,i.e. administration.Afterabout18monthsofjudiciouseforts theresultingproductoftheelectrontransferedoxthatoccur
andinitialfailures,suceswasfinalyachievedindestroy45 Whenthemonovalentsilverionsareoxidizedandthe ingtheMAIDSvirusinC57BLmicewithasingleintrave trivalentionsarereducedinthecrystal.Thebinding/
nousinjection.Theresultsofthistestprogramcomprise chelationefectoccursatactivesitesoftheAIDSvirus, Example5ofU.S.Pat.No.5,36,49.Aftersuceswith pathogensandISM.Becauseoftheextremelyminutesizeof mice,theinventorwasabletotesttheeficacyofsaid asinglemoleculeofthiscrystal,severalmilionofthese
devicesontwoselectetiologicalgroupsofterminalAIDS50 devicesmaybeemployedinconcerttodestroyavirus patientsinaclinicinTegucigalpa,Honduras,Central colonytopurgealifesuportsystemofISMandpathogens withtheconsumptionofonlypartspertrilionofthecrystal
America. devices.Thusanoptimumof40PPM ofthedevicesby TheAIDSpatientscomprisedtheetiologicalsubgroups, weightofhumanbloodwasfoundtobesuficienttocom
CandidiasisandWastingSyndrome.Currentindicatordis55 pletelyobliterateAIDS.Thisconcentrationisslightlyover easesfordiagnosingAIDSwhichhavebeenexpandedby doubleoftheoptimumconcentrationrecommendedinappli
theCDC,falintothefollowingfivemajorcategorieswith cant’saforementionedU.S.patentforthedestructionofthe theapproximatepercentdistributionamongAIDSpatients: humanAIDSvirusinvitro.Otherdetailsconcerningthe
1.P.carinipneumonia 2.Wastingsyndrome
3.Candidiasis 13% 4.Kaposi’ssarcoma 196 5.Dementia 6%
structureofthecrystalanditsmechanismagainstpathogens. 51% 60 theAIDSvirusandISMwouldanalogouslyholdhere,and 19% havealreadybeenfurtherelucidatedinsaidpatent.
Theactualdestructionofpathogens.ISMandtheAIDS virusisefectuatedbyinjectionofasuspensionofthese devicesindistiledordeionizedwaterwithanon-reacting
65 electrolytedirectly,i.e.intravenously,intothebloodstream. A singleinjectionisalthatisrequiredunderthesecondi ofcandidiasisandwastingsyndromeAIDSpatientswith tions.Accordingly,humansinjectedinthismanner,upon

5,676,977 34
beinginspectedafterthreweeksormorehadelapsedand comparedwithsimilarhumansthathadbeengiven placebos, were completely cured of AIDS. The control groupstilmanifestedAIDS.Accordingly,thetetrasilver tetroxide device performed in concert with and in ful conformity with the ultimate objects of this invention. Furthermore,threoutoffourwastingsyndrometerminal patientsandfouroutofthefivecandidiasisterminalpatients werestilalivein1995afterayearandahalfhadelapsed fromtheirinitialinjection.BythattimealtheAIDSpatients had been released from the clinic and allowed to return
Thiswasanunfortunateconsequenceofthetreatmentwhich resultedinenlargedliversinalpatientsexceptthesecond one.Despitehepatomegaly,therewasnointerferencewith liverfunction.
The onset of hepatomegaly was not spontaneous and
variedfrompatienttopatient,beingintherangeof4-16 days.
Itshouldalsobenotedthatshortlyafterinjectionof Tetrasiltherewereindicationsoffever(symbolizedbyTin theAgO, column),sometimesaccompaniedbyfatigue(F). Thebodytemperaturewasinvariably38.5°C.(101.3°F). Thiswasindicativeofrestorationoftheimmuneresponseof thebody,sincenormallythebodywildestroypathogens
inventionisconsideredinviewoftheaccompanying whentheimmunesystemisfunctionalbyraisingthetem
examples.Itshould,ofcourse,berecognizedthatthe 5 perature.Thepatientwhodied;firstrespondedfavorablyto
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definingthelimitsandscopeofthepresentinvention. EXAMPLE 1.
viousbody damage.Altheothercandidiasissyndrome
20 medicationssubsequentlyrespondedaftertheTetrasiltreat
FivepatientsaflictedwithAIDSofthecandidiasisetio rationaleforselectingthemwasbasedonfactspresentedin
logicalcategoryweresegregatedforTetrasiltreatment.The whitebloodcelcountsweretaken.TheyareshowninTable
anarticlebyPeterH.DuesbergandBrianJ.Elisonentitled25 WBC.Alcandidiasispatientsshowedadramaticincreasein
“IsTheAIDSVirusAScienceFiction?”(PolicyReview, theirwhitebloodcelcounts,indicativeoftherestorationof Summer1990p.40–51).Onlythefactualpresentationsof theirimmunitysystems.
methodofselectingAIDSpatientsbasedonthefiveafore 30 TheaboveprotocolofExample1wasrepeatedwithAIDS
mentionedetiologicalsubgroupstargetedbytheCDC,and patientsexhibitingwastingsyndrome.Theresultsoftheir
theevidencepresented,thatthereisAIDSwithoutHTVas treatmentaretabulatedinTableIunderthediseasecategory wellaswithitsothatananti-viralagentinmostinstances ofsaidsyndrome.Itshouldbenotedthattwoofthefour
wilnotnecesarilyrestoretheimmunitysystem. wastingsyndromepatientsshowedimprovedwhiteblood
Evaluations with Tetrasil were conducted on AIDS counts.Thefemalepatient,whoseconditionimprovedfrom patientsatLuchaContraelSida,Comayaguela,Honduras.35 poorandterminaltobeamongtheliving,showedadecrease
Thepatientstwoweekspriortoinoculationwereremoved fromtheirAZT,AIDStherapy.Tetrasilwasadministeredat approximately40PPMofbloodvolumeperpatientasa suspensioninaproprietarybufersolution(pH=6.5),sup pliedbyHolipharmCorporation.
The results of evaluations with candidiasis are tabulated
testresultsindicatethatonecannotrelyonasinglefactorto indicatethedemiseofAIDS.TheusualHTVmarkerCD4
initialandfinalareirelevant.ISMsuppressionappearstobe more critical than the destruction of HIV. AIDS was
wereterminal.Some,however,wereinmoderate(m)con patientsinthecourseoftheirsuccumbingtoAIDSwasnot
ditionandothersinpoor(p)asdesignatedintheTable.The obviouslycuredorcorrectedbysaidcrystaldevice IandFdesignationsrefertoinitialandfinalvaluesasshown.45 treatment,rathersaidinjurypersistedandthepatientwas
WBC indicateswhitecelbloodcount.The H column, followingCD8,indicateswhetherhepatomegalyocured. permanentinjuryorimpairmentpreviouslyinflicted.
Wasting Mm 27 Syndrome M m 28 Fp 43 Mm19
5/273,6004,6003914.709- 119120T 51272,750-10-60-711912119TF 5/27 3,600 2,700 68 246 248 + 101 98 TF 5/10 3,850 5,400 137 36 48 – 103 106 T,F
IundertheWBC column,whichgivestheinitialandfinal
ResponseofAIDSPatientstoSingle40PPMAgO,Inoculation Date
Group Sex Age Medictin 1994 I F
Candidiasis M.p 28 Diflucan. 515 1,2004,200 41 – 221 + 6/11 82 76 T
Fm33 5/56,0006,700554872394- Fm 33 Ketaconzl 5/27 2,600 3,850 248 181 951 + M.p 62 6/2 3,3003,700 89 237 59 – Fm 31 Pentamidn 6/2 2.400 3,050 9 181 65 +
Weight CD 4 DEATH Lbs.
F CD8 H 1944
98 98 T 123 123 T 105 92 F 12 118 Pain

5,676,977 56
As thisinvention may be embodied in severalforms 2.A methodforincreasingwhitebloodcelcountsin withoutdepartingfromthespiritoresentialcharacteristics AIDS-aflictedhumanscomprisinginjectingamultitudeof thereof,thepresentembodimentsarethereforeilustrative tetrasilvertetroxidemolecularcrystalsintothebloodstream andnotrestrictive,sincethescopeoftheinventionisdefined
by the appended claims rather than by the description
precedingthem,andalchangesthatfalwithinthemetes andboundsoftheclaimsorthatformtheirfunctionalaswell
asconjointlycoperativeequivalents,arethereforeintended tobeembracedbytheseclaims.
What isclaimed is: 10
1.AmethodoftreatingAIDS-aflictedhumanscompris inginjectingamultitudeoftetrasilvertetroxidemolecular crystalsintothebloodstreamofthehumanSubject.
ofthehumansubject. 3.MethodsoftreatingAIDS-afilictedhumansacording
to claims 1-2 where the concentration of said molecular crystalsisaproximately40PPMofthetotalbloodweight ofthehumansubject.

Mirrored – interesting

I am going to explain the history of the Dragon blood lines because people can not tell one from the other and the good and evil ones apart. I’m going to explain which tribes were created from who and when and give a better idea of all the original Dragon blood lines and their blood types and what hybrids they were thereof.

So we need to start with the invasion of Atlantis which is when the Draco first learned to hybridized with the early Neanderthals and / or a few of the Adamic tribes from Africa. This created the first O- hybrids on Earth known as the Atlanteans as well as a few rare A- out of Odin, Esau’s and Daniels’ blood line.

These early Dragon hybrids were relatively stable energetically but lacked the strong desires and compassion of the Sirians tribes due to the lack of the B type blood. This led to the invitation of the Hebrews and Hebrew Jews to Atlantis to interbred with the Atlantean lines so they could gain each other’s energies creating perfect beings so to speak. The resulting experimentation and crossbreeding led to the dramatic pollution of the natural gene pool which is what brought about the decisions of the ‘higher ups’ to destroy Atlantis with a meteor strike.

This led to a split in the factions of the Draco hybrids and 22 of them decided to go rogue with Saturn, Satan, Set, Moloch, Loki, Dionysus, Bacchus and started the Titan War between the two factions of Apollo / Odin and Loki / Saturn and it was due to them being infuriated over the destruction of Atlantis right before acquiring the Sirian energy, of which took place immediately After bu the Betrayers who went and bred with Lilith and Cain’s tribe of the C Haplogroup leading to their destruction, and the surviving females then went and bred with Ham’s people in Africa creating the Canaanites who were then again, ordered to be destroyed by Enlil for worshiping Moloch / Satan. Again the survivors bred into some of the Tribes of Israel, and primarily the next most dangerous hybrids were the J line Canaanite (O-) who bred into Japeth’s tribe of the K line and created the Ashkenazi.

The Tribes of Jacob ( B -) and Esau (A-) are the E1b1b and the E1b1a and still located in Africa to this day. The Bantu tribes are usually Esau’s and better balanced than the Yacobean tribes most often found in East Africa like the Somalians and Ethiopians, but the Somalians are by far the most unstable. Many of the Satanic lines tried to usurp these tribes identity to use as a weapon against everyone else.

Lastly I will give the most well known AB- hybrid tribes and they were the Merovingians or Yeshua / Magdalene blood line. Both were created later and a result of the fusion of Draco hybrids and I believe Tribe of Dan were an A- fused with a B- whilst Yeshua’s was an A2- mixed with a B+ or a A1+ with a B-. There is one line I am not 100% sure of their blood type aside from know it possessed both the A+ and O- and these were the Mormoms of which survived the destruction of Atlantis. Ancient lineage is that of Pleiadian Royalty from Atlantis who married a Draco woman from the Canaanite lines and created the only Pleiadian Draco hybrids on Earth aside from Odin/Thor’s line and the X Haplogroup is the only one specifically tied directly to Atlantis.

These are all the original Dragon blood line on Earth. The RH- were not Neanderthals but fused with them to create the Atlanteans, and were not Denisovans who were Adam and Eve’s people but rather the RH- Cromagnon / Nephilim / Rephraim and many others, including the Elven which I forgot but will cover now, which are the Gaelic, the Scythians and the Khazars who came from an E blood line through Thor and Echidna, sister of Gorgon, a Demon Dragon Lady (Likely Ashkenazic K mtDNA) creating the balance between White and Black Dragons although the Gaelic turned out more like Thor and were rather boring at times, whilst the Khazars turned out more like their mother Echidna which is why they are often bat shit insane or evil and only the Scythians were the truly balanced hybrids between the two and father of the Scythians was able to pass Thor’s test and became the Scythian Kings.

To balance these two, having the Gaels and Khazars breed to together would fix both or them genetically. Similar idea to having the other Satanic line obtaining the Pleaidian genetics so they can stop being mongrels their entire existence.
Hope this clarifies a few things on the Rh- / Fallen Angel / Bene Elohim / Seraphim / Alpha Draconian blood lines.