IMG_4958Ways Mom keep it together

I don’t know about you but getting ready in the morning has been a task. There’s never enought time to get everything done, let alone done well. Meanwhile, you’re tripping on toys and clothes because you never have time to organize it.

My family is always counting on me which puts the pressure on to make sure its all Perfect! What is Perfect? In my home, it means grocery shopping to scrubbing floors. Do you ever feel you are always on call? I do! Between the dirty dishes, messy clothes and oh yes my full-time job…I am ALWAYS ON!

Let’s see how I get my regular to-do list together so I can spend time with my family.

Stay on schedule (MUST)

  • Limit email and computer time. While I am a full-time working mom I try not to use my computer or email after I come home. This is very hard to do since the demands of my job require me to be on top of it all. After 5pm I try to limit my work and focus on my family. This may include cooking, chores and cleaning up with my kids.
  • Do all of your errands one day a week. This is the most efficient route I take which is done usually on a Saturday.
  • Use a Master calendar on family share on your phone or planner. I always add the appointments and activities with reminders to all my family.
  • Schedule your child’s doctor’s appointments for the first thing in the morning. This is the best time so their isn’t a long wait.

Get it together

  • Stop the insanity looking for things around the house. Keep duplicates in rooms with items you use often for instance baby wipes, scissors, and hand sanitizer.
  • Create a family work station. This way you set up files for coupons and menus of your favorite places.  Set up a box or file for bills and pay them online to avoid the need for stamps and envelopes. VERY important to stay organized when you feel lost!!!
  • Organize your favorite parenting information. This way you can find them quickly and have them handy. I always place my printouts in page protectors and organize them in a three-ring binder. Or go paperless and save everything on your computer.
  • Label containers for “trash,” “donate” or “consign”. You can keep them in the garage or storage closet to routinely rid your house of clutter.

Clear the clutter

  • Store your child’s outgrown clothes and toys in plastic bins. This way it will be easier to identify when labeling them by age group. Attach labels such as “0 to 3 months,” “6 to 9 months,” “9 to 12 month,” and so on. Once they grow out of the size, easily store the clothes, loan them to a friend, or take them to a consignment shop.
  • Label shelves in the linen closet. This way the family knows where to store items like beach towels, sheets, toilet paper, etc.
  • Open your mail near a trash can. This helps with clutter in the kitchen and junk mail gets thrown out immediately.

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