I’m very excited to talk about chakras and auras this evening. Today was a beautiful day where 3 very different people each had wonderful break throughs with in themselves spiritually. And doing their first meditations and receiving visual messages from their spirit guides instantly!!!! Which includes validating signs to what we spoke about! I’m so very excited for these people achieving personal success within themselves🤗🤗🤗🤗 I’m very proud of you!
Let’s get right into it

The Universal Energy Fields-science term but real and spiritual term is Auras. Quick note if you want to read peoples auras, stare at the point of their nose for 20sec-1 min. Their Aura will appear and then you’ll be able to look at it and see what colors are involved with them at that time. We can change our Auras at anytime as to how we’re feeling emotionally. Auras are composed of tiny globules of orgone (prana) making all sorts of jerky movements in the sky. To see them clearly, it is preferably sunny and the sky is blue. They appear as very tiny white balls, some of which have black spots in them. In a relaxed manner, if you concentrate hard, you may see the whole sky filled with these dancing white balls in a rhythmic pattern like an energetic ballet. I see this naturally and very easily in any given day. When learning of, course when the sky is cloudy, it is not easy to see them. However, in a bright day, these pranic particles pulsate in synchrony as geometric points, webs of lines, points of light and spirals of clouds. Eventually you’ll see this very quickly day or night. Its known properties are that it interpenetrates matter and interconnect objects, and its density varies from place to place. We can sense it by sight, smell, taste, touch, sound and brightness according to our higher senses. It is also synergistic: separate and simultaneous action from different people produces an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Auras are always producing more energy all the time, opposite to what we know in our physical earth where slow decay of objects is the order of the day. This explains why a good spiritual healer is never exhausted. It is always associated with consciousness is present in mineral, vegetable, animal and finally human. It is more than three-dimensional. As you’ve noticed how I keep up with everyone. Then there’s times I too must rest and recharge in the Astral.

Auras are formed in the human, it is called the Human Energy Field. The human aura (HEF) has at least seven bodies, erroneously called seven layers. These seven bodies interpenetrate the human body as well as each of the seven auric bodies. Each body is of higher vibration than the one beneath it, through which it also penetrates and surrounds. Take for instance, the etheric body interpenetrates the physical body and extends beyond the latter by one quarter to two inches. The etheric has a finer composition or a higher vibration than the physical. In turn, the emotional body has also a higher vibration than the etheric body, and it also interpenetrates the etheric and also extends beyond it.

A foetus while in the womb of the mother has not a permanent spirit in its physical body. The spirit goes in and out of the foetus until it is born, and how actually how you come up with your child’s name.
From my notes by my mentor I’ll quote his words: [ When the foetal head is just out of the vaginal canal, there is no aura around the head. As soon as the shoulders are out of the canal, a weak aura starts to appear. The spirit has now to stay within the confines of the body after it is born. The baby’s aura is clear, bright and is either light blue or green. It has less width than the adult aura, i.e. not so broad. At the crown the aura tapers upwards, liken to a pointed knitted ski hat. This highly suggests that the spirit enters the body through the crown, and there is still some attachment to the spirit world. Some clairvoyants can see that the baby’s spirit is still playing with his spirit playmates and hankering for its spirit mother who is also present. This dichotomy can last for sometime, depending on how unwilling is the baby to incarnate. That is why infant mortality is highest within the first six months of birth. When the infant finally accepts this incarnation the ski hat is transformed to the normal rounded aura around the head.

In the first six months, one can feel the non-closure of the anterior fontanelle at the crown of the baby where the 7th chakra is situated. This opening of the skull will close up when the infant has finally decided to stay in the physical world, and this corresponds to the rounding up of the auric ski hat. Ordinary clairvoyants can only see the first three denser bodies. However, those clairvoyants who can go into the meditative state and gaze in a relaxed manner can visualize four more bodies, each larger than the one beneath it. The 1st ,3rd,5th and 7th show a definite structured pattern, while the 2nd ,4th and 6th bodies exhibit fluid like motions without any structure ]. End of quote

Each body is more rarified and larger than the one beneath it. All of them interpenetrate one another including the physical body. One must remember that these auras are not layers as in the onion, but bodies of irradiating vibrations associated with that particular human body occupying the same space at the same time as the physical body. The structured auras contain every organ and structure that the physical body has, e.g. lungs, kidneys etc.

Each auric body is associated with a chakra. The first auric body is associated with the first chakra, and is concerned with pain and pleasure. Beside its function with physical sensation, it also deals with automatic and autonomic functions of the body. The 2nd auric body is associated with the 2nd chakra, and it is associated with the emotional aspect of humans. The 3rd body is associated with the 3rd chakra and it deals with our intellectual processes concerned with linear thinking of the left brain. The 4th body is associated with the 4th chakra of love: erotic, platonic and unconditional. The 5th body is associated with the divine will and with communication (both divine and human). The 6th body is associated with the 6th chakra, which concerns celestial love, and is way above what normal humans are capable of. The 7th is associated with the 7th chakra, and is the centre appertaining to the higher self or mind.

The Etheric Body

The 1st auric body is the etheric. The etheric body is composed of small lines of light structures, sparkling like beams. It is the matrix along which all the organs and structures of the physical body are molded on. The etheric was there before the human tissues are made. It is the ‘skeleton’ blue print of the physical body. These webs of light are in constant motion. It is bluish-white in color to clairvoyant eyes. They traverse throughout the whole physical body. It extends Ľ to 2 inches beyond the physical body, and pulsates about 15-20 cycles per minute, the same rate as our respiratory cycle. The general color of the etheric body varies from blue to grey. The 7 chakras associated with the etheric body are also of the same color. If one can see the internal etheric organs they are seen to be of bright blue. The best part of the body to observe this aura is around the shoulders, where the aura appears to pulsate, and the pulsation seems to quickly come down the arms, but they disappear very quickly.

The Emotional Body

This 2nd body deals with feelings. It has the approximate outline of the physical body, but it does not duplicate it. It has no definite structure, and it has a fluid consistency, which is in constant motion. It interpenetrates the etheric and the physical bodies, but extends from one to three inches beyond the physical body. Its colors vary from dark muddy to brilliant clear ones. Love, joy and anger when felt with intense energy show clarity, whilst confusion and depression depicts dark and muddy hues. All colors of the rainbow are seen in this auric body with its attendant seven chakras manifesting a color each of the rainbow. Chakra 1 is colored red, chakra 2 is colored orange, chakra 3 is yellow, 4th is green, 5th chakra is blue, 6th is indigo and the 7th is white. In the emotional body itself, blobs of multi-colored substance are seen moving all over, and sometimes these blobs may even fly off the physical body. There are no proper structures in this body; neither is there any organ seen in it.

The Mental Body

This third body mainly deals with intellectual processes and mental activity. It has higher vibrations than the emotional body, and it extends 3 to 8 inches from the physical body. It is bright yellow. It enlarges and becomes brighter when the individual is thinking hard. This body is structured, and thoughts can be seen in the aura, tinted by emotional colors. These thought forms are seen in blobs varying in brightness with superimposed colors from the emotions. Well-formed ideas when developed into habitual thoughts become powerful forces to be reckoned with. The lines of yellow light are very difficult to decipher over the multi-colored emotional body beneath it.

The Astral Body

This 4th body is that of love, and once you enter into this level you are also approaching the astral world. That means you will see spirit forms of other individuals in this realm. So be prepared. Normally, you enter this state only when you are asleep or in meditative state. You forget what you see when you wake up from sleep. The astral body is composed of the same colors as in the emotional body, except that there is much more rose color (love) in it. It extends ˝ to one foot beyond the body. The 7 chakras in this body have the same colors of the rainbow as in the emotional body. Again, an infusion of rose color is seen in all of them, as in the heart chakra of a loving person.

The Etheric Template Body

This 5th body contains all the physical structures in template or blueprint form. It is like a photographic negative of the etheric body, which in turn is the template of the physical body. So the etheric template is the perfect form, and when the etheric is damaged, it is this 5th body that heals it back to health. It extends 1 ˝ to 2 ˝ feet from the physical body. It is at this level that healing by sound is the most effective. This body is composed of a cobalt blue background with empty lines depicting the etheric body, like an architect’s blueprint. These empty spaces go to form the etheric body, from which grid structures all physical forms are molded. It includes the chakras, organs and all the other structures of the human body. In addition, one may also see other spirit forms and beings at this level of existence, besides the individual that one is studying.

The Celestial Body

This 6th body is at the emotional level of the spiritual plane. It extends 2” to 2 feet from the physical body. We can only reach this level through meditation and other transformative techniques. Through meditation we arrive at this stage of ecstasy (samadhi), filled with light and bliss. This feeling of love makes us feel that we and God are one. We have reached this level of consciousness where we are purely being, and we are connected with the rest of the universe. We have now acquired unconditional love and with the spiritual bliss we now can go beyond the physical realm. We can now even heal and communicate with the spirit beings in this realm. This body is composed of shimmering pastel colors of gold and silver. It has the appearance of irradiation of mother of pearl, opalescent needles from a central bright candle.

The Causal Body (Ketheric Template)

This 7th body is the mental level of the spiritual plane, and extends 2 to 3 feet beyond the body. At this level we are now certain that God and we are one. This body is highly structured and is composed of golden threads and silver light. It is egg shaped, and contains all the auric bodies and chakras for this incarnation. This golden egg shimmers with golden pulsations. The outer coating is a 1 to 9˝ inch thick, and it is the strongest part of all the auric bodies. This eggshell protects all that it contains, preventing penetration by spiritual predators. This golden egg also contains the main power current that runs up and down the spine, and it also nourishes the whole body through the roots of all the chakras. The karma to be worked out from the past life is present as coloured bands around the head in this auric level. There are also bands depicting this life’s plans (birth vision) in this golden eggshell. This causal body contains our individual Akashic records. It is called causal because it contains our true being, and it is the ultimate cause of our true Self. This body persists throughout our many lives’, and is not shed like the all the other bodies (e.g. emotional and mental). It also carries over with us our samskaras (propensities and habits) and karmic attributes. So our enduring qualities like intuition, insight and wisdom are brought over from our past lives, so does our negative karma. As we develop spiritually, we become more self-aware with love and compassion culminating in self-realization, and then the realization that we are also part of God. From thence onwards we will live with only the qualities of love, empathy, compassion, wisdom and service, living in this world and yet not of this world.

The auras generally extend up to 3 feet beyond our body, but when we are performing in a concert hall or lecturing on our favourite subject our aura can expand tremendously to even fill half the size of the hall. When one is sad or very angry the colours change as well as the size and shape of the aura. Without these extreme circumstances, the aura normally depicts the physical, emotional and mental state of the individual at that moment. The more developed clairvoyants can also see the spiritual state of the individual by looking at his higher auric bodies, the 5th, 6th and 7th. He must enter into a meditative state first. These auric bodies are in constant movement with changes in size and in color. Each auric body also has many chakras, which are centers through which prana, or vital energy is processed for the use of the physical body. Let us now go to chakra system.

Each auric body has many major chakras and minor chakras. We will confine ourselves to the major chakras for the time being. The 1st auric body is associated with the 1st chakra, and the 2nd body with the 2nd chakra and so on. Although the chakras are located in definite areas, they are actually part of their respective auric body. That means each of the 7 auric body has 7 major chakras in its own field. Therefore there are actually 49 major chakras all told. And at each location, seven chakras are piled up on one another to make up 7 ‘ice cream’ cones all neatly stacked. Each chakra has a front and a back component. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th frontal chakras deal with feelings, while their corresponding back components are related to the individual’s will. The 1st and 7th are paired together, as they are open-ended points of the main vertical power current (sushumna) which run up and down just in front of the spine. The tips of each chakra join or connect with the main power current (sushumna), and they control the exchange of energy between the auras through that chakra. The function of the chakras is to exchange energy with the Universal Energy Field ( UEF), which is sucked in or blown out through these open chakras. We therefore open up slowly a particular chakra, on which we are working, because we have to deal with the consciousness that enters the chakra with the energy from the UEF. Sometimes, there is too much consciousness for us to handle. We have also to open up our chakras for an increase of energy flow to remain healthy. Ill health is usually due to a blockage or constriction of energy flow through the chakras.

Each chakra is like a lotus flower with a central core surrounded by a fixed number of vortices that look like petals on the surface. For instance the base chakra has 4 vortices and is colored red. These vortices rotate at a certain speed, and the chakra sucks in prana through the central core to process. The chakras rotate progressively at a higher speed as they ascend upwards; e.g. the mental rotates faster than the astral and the etheric like a fan as I used for example in other posts. The prana is broken into its component parts, which are sent along nadis to the nervous system. Nadis are internal and invisible channels along which energy travel. It is then brought to the endocrine system and then to the blood system. The latter system will then carry the prana to all parts of the body, which is then nourished by it.

The chakras to be described are the ones pertaining to the etheric aura. Each chakra has a surface diameter of about 3 inches, and is placed about 1 inch away from the skin surface. From this trumpet surface the cone of the chakra narrows down to a stem whose root ends at the main power current just in front of the spine. From this main power current another root will travel at right angles to the back of that chakra where another duplicate funnel spout out to face the back. Think of your spine being the main line Header manifold central system doing the distribution to all. Also why is very important to eat healthy as well. Don’t worry it’s ok to fast food once in while. When the prana has been utilized it will flow back to the front of the lotus flower to be washed out like used air from our lungs. The rotation of the chakras is alternately clockwise and anti-clockwise. When the sacral chakra is rotating clockwise, the solar plexus is rotating anti-clockwise. Each chakra is related to one endocrine gland, and each governs a group of internal organs. These major chakras are at the points where the energy strands cross 21 times, and they also correspond to where the major nerve plexuses are situated.

The Base Chakra (muladhara)

This root chakra is situated at the base of the spine and has four vortices of orange-red color, mainly red. The endocrine gland associated to it is the adrenal gland, and it covers the spinal column and the kidneys. When this chakra is functioning well the person is well grounded and has a strong will to live. This chakra is located at the place where the kundalini fire (female serpent) is coiled up and asleep. The 2 nadis, the ida and pingala, arise from this center and move up along the main power current which is called “ sushumna “. All these 3 channels join up to the brain at the medulla oblongata, which is at the base of the brain. The sushumna is the main power current along the spine into which all the other chakras are connected with their roots. The ida and pingala criss-cross back and forth at the points where the five middle chakras are situated. This interweaving gives the picture of a caduceus, which is the symbol of the healing arts: the physician. These 2 nadis are responsible for the outflow of energy. Therefore this center is linked to the will power to survive, and when the person is spiritually developed, the kundalini is awakened to rise to the crown chakra. However, the arousal of the kundalini must be meticulously guided by an expert who himself has raised his own kundalini successfully. Associated with the will to survive is the fight and flight syndrome. This is the center from which one get up to fight for one’s right or one’s greed. This is also the chakra where fear is manifested. In some people, during moments of acute fear, the anus can be felt to open and shut many times. One’s imagination and instinct accentuate the fear, when flight appears to be the solution at that time. This is the chakra that wakes us up in the morning to tackle the world.

The Sacral Chakra (svadhisthana)

This chakra is situated at the sacrum or the pubic area. It has 6 vortices and is colored orange. The endocrine structures associated are the gonads, testes in the male and ovaries in the female. The organs covered are the reproductive system and the water works, e.g. bladder. This chakra also governs all the fluids like blood, urine, semen, vaginal fluid and lymph. This center of sexuality is responsible for sexual relationship and power. When blocked, there will be diseases of the sex organs and sexual malfunction. The water works department may also be affected.

The Solar Plexus (manipura)

This chakra is situated in the area of the navel, and has ten vortices. It is predominantly yellow in color, and is associated with the endocrine in the pancreas. The organs covered by this center are stomach, liver, Gall bladder and adrenals. In an emotionally sensitive person there may be colors of green and red admixed to this multicolored chakra. This center is totally affected by emotions. Thus anger, rage and hatred are generated by this center. This is also the chakra that generates stress because of personal power and desires. Consequently, the organs stomach, liver, nervous system and pancreas are most often affected after prolonged periods of stress, especially when the person cannot control his feelings. Sudden shock accompanied by fear also emanates from this center. “Butterflies in the stomach” is the usual phrase used for this condition. This is a troublesome chakra, as it drags in the other chakras in times of panic and hysteria. Repeated bouts of anger will result in a stomach ulcer, which may end up in a cancer.

The Heart Chakra (anahata)

This center is located at the center of the chest, between the shoulder blades. It is essentially green in color, and has 12 vortices. It is about 6 centimeters in diameter. When it is clear and its rhythm steady, the person’s heart is in good shape. The endocrine gland associated with it is the thymus, and it also governs the heart, lungs, blood, Vagus nerve and the circulatory system. The immune system is also under its jurisdiction. This chakra has a close relationship with the 12 golden petals of the crown chakra. It is the center for love: erotic, Platonic and unconditional love. In erotic love, the force goes downwards; in Platonic love, it is held at the same level; and in unconditional love, it shoots upwards towards the divine. In erotic love, it travels down to the solar plexus and then further down to the sexual center. The heart center being the gateway to spirituality, when unconditional love is developed, one can then move up towards divine love. This is the reason for its connection to the 12 petals of the crown chakra. This spiritual transformation must be balanced with the wants and needs of the lower 3 chakras. That means one’s personal passion and desires must be transformed to universal love and compassion.

The Throat Chakra (visuddha)

This center is situated at the front of the base of the neck. It has 16 vortices, and generally blue in color. The thyroid gland is the endocrine involved. It governs the thyroid gland, vocal apparatus, lungs and the bronchi and the alimentary tract. It is also about 6 centimeters in diameter, but it can enlarge in those people who use their vocal cords, e.g. singers and teachers. It is brighter and faster moving in singers and public speakers. As it is sensitive to sound and vibration and colors, it is also prominent in musicians and composers. This center is also connected to the brow chakra, where the music, pictures and the stories are conceptualized, and then they are vitalized at this throat center. Its linkage to the crown center also permits the person to be able to listen to its ‘ little small voice’: messages from our spiritual guides. It is also the center of communication to humans. It is the center of judgement of self and others. When developed to a high degree clairaudience and telepathy are the fruits.

The Brow Chakra (ajna)

The brow chakra is commonly called the third eye. It is located at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. It has 96 vortices, and is associated with the pituitary gland. It governs the lower brain, the left eye, ears, nose, and nervous system. It is very closely related to the crown center. It is generally indigo in color. However, when scrutinized closer, there are really 2 segments: one is blue, and the other rose red. This center is mainly concerned with ideas and organization. It starts with visualization and conceptualization. Then the concepts when directed downwards will enhance one’s ability to organize. When directed upwards, power of clairvoyance is a possibility. Of course, when integrated, one’s inner vision can be transformed into outer reality. This twofold nature of the brow chakra when interconnected with the throat chakra can actively bring out creative imagination into productive works of art.

The Crown Chakra (sahasrara)

This highest chakra stretches right up to about 6 centimeters like a saucer above the crown of the head. Looking from above it shows 972 petals: 12 upper, central, golden petals sitting on top of 960 secondary petals below. It is generally known as the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’. All colors are seen, but the predominant color is purple. The endocrine gland involved is the pineal gland and partially the pituitary. It governs the upper brain and right eye. It is the highest seat of the soul. The quality and character of a person can be gleaned from this chakra. The expanded size, the color, the speed of rotation, the brilliance and texture etc will depict the state of consciousness of an individual and its integration with the rest of the chakras. It will also tell us about the spiritual development of the individual. The shining core usually signifies meditation practice, and how expanded is his consciousness. The ability to enjoy lucid dreaming can also be detected, as this shows that the individual’s consciousness is even expanded in sleep. If the core is too elastic, then one’s consciousness can vacate one’s body too easily; and as in the case of a trance medium, he can be possessed at the drop of the hat. As one can see, this is a very special chakra. It is often regarded as the chakra of a higher order, and is not part of the lower six. This is the center that can open up one’s consciousness to the divine, to our higher self and finally to cosmic consciousness. When this center is aligned, the lower 6 chakras are also in a good healthy state. In kundalini practice, when one is able to massage the serpent up to this center, one is said to be enlightened. That is why, most of Buddha’s sculptures and paintings show him with a bulging on top of his crown: it means that his kundalini has broken through to the divine reaches.

Minor Chakras

There are 21 minor chakras distributed all over the body: 1 in front of each ear, 1 above each breast, 1 where the clavicles meet, 1 in the palm of each hand, 1 on the sole of each foot, 1 just behind each eye, 1 related to each gonad, 1 near the liver, 1 connected with the stomach, 2 connected with the spleen, 1 behind each knee, 1 near the thymus gland, and 1 near the solar plexus. These are about 3 inches in diameter and are 1 inch distant from the body. The 2 in the palms are very important in healing. The 2 on the breast are important when suckling the infant. These minor chakras are at the points where the energy strands cross each other 14 times. There are even smaller vortices. These are where the energy strands cross each other only 7 times, and may very well correspond to the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

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