Sometimes there are stories that effect the way we are react and live life. Some are traumatic and other times people try to break you. Well let me tell the story of a family who raised a girl with strict family values. It started in the early childhood development and by the age of 9 she knew life was strange and different. Chaos was a big development in our home and I was the oldest of three girls. I always had it the roughest and to say rough means to an extreme find for the fittest. Each of us had a role to play and with that here is my story.

Before I get too deep- let’s fast forward to 2023 Now. And the other will follow.

I am here. I will not be erase and I am of sane mind. I am making that clear NOW! If you knew what I have endured it would make your head spin. I need my story out there. Everyone says Save Brittany. But it’s true there are others just like her. Maybe singing, dancing, acting, but it’s still a save Brittany situation. Some are aware but they know. I am broken down. Westworld. Husband Wes. But is it? Different all the time. How about losing it. How about fake it till u make it. How about the freedom part? How about watch the water! Where this all comes from? Remember Jesus? He died and rose from the dead three days later. I am divine. I am sovereign. I am that I am.

My son says he gives me effort. My daughter says I have passion. I say I am strong and I need to be given a chance, I can not be hidden. I Maria Zucchero will prevail: and life will move forward. I want a marriage to move forward and my youngest to have a strong mom who works hard for the family. If the marriage fails- I fail- the family. Failed

Now to my version; Shakespeare once said: LIFE IS BUT A GRAND STAHE AND WE ARE MERELY ALL ACTORS. Well that is true. And I believe my husband Wes could potentially be Luke, and many others in the present but manipulative functions of science. He was transhuman when I met him. Claudia my sister is constantly asking about Alyssa and showing me that she is part of her life somehow. I am a stranger to society because the date and time is in my world fucked. I will continue but with caution. If you know how free spirited I am then you will know FREEDOM IS WHAT THEY WANT. They feel it but God and Jesus wins. Meditation! Pray-

Part two

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