Sean Zucchero, Isabella Zucchero, Alyssa Denkov- who are these names? Why are they my world?

I wake up daily to love- I wake up to smell the flowers- and these are why.

Belly laughs.

Talks about the works of the world-

Sending lunch notes to school- or big hugs in the morning and at night. I am not invisible- I am here. I have a mission- I do love-

So the car didn’t work out- loved my Navi – so I went to Starbucks and they didn’t get my order right- I went to bumper to burger and no food there because they made it like I wasn’t there.

Is my Isabella here to love me? Do we have too many material things? Yes-

My white Gucci that Wes bought is in a restoration place- shoes the same.

I have a purse sold on Facebook I need to mail out- plus a kit for some giveaways.

Do I love YES- is it hard- no!

Went to my sons work today and got the whole staff food because I know they never stop and there isn’t much there. They gave me hugs- gratitude.

I want these moments- I want to give- I want enjoy the little things.

If anyone reads this please know you are enough. You are love. I am divine. I am sovereign.

So what if you can not always be perfect- just be. Self love is a blessing. I meditate self heal. Try it too.

This is life- my joys- no matter what self love always- tomorrow is a day to give-

Service to others

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