Once or twice – fooling me becomes a sin. Only GOD IN MY HEART.

No matter what I have been a straightforward person- I don’t hurt a fly, I garden, I’m one with nature, I give to the mess fortunate and I pray daily. Sometimes when I meditate I can feel like out of this world. My friends, family and loved ones enjoy the quirky me, artist, and animal lover. I can’t get enough of warm hugs and extreme passion. Please note my crystal shop was made with you in mind- my paintings same- that’s why I gave freely.

I love life, enjoy the little things and make sure everyone around me is happy.

I can not be replaced, nor do I want that to happy. I clearthfearand live abundantly.

I am divine

I am sovereign

I am enough

I am love

Keep in tough with

Me though gemneyemz.com or connect through phone 6303597079

Maria. Zucchero

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